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Tapatalk access

I'm not sure why you are referencing the URL that begins with https. The forum is not located at that URL. What am I missing?
I think it sorta is Kurt, the "pointer" hides it-
The bookmark should be as it is at the top of the screen now. The "new" bookmark will help "skip over" old info, still bed to rid the device of the old info. Some devices seem to be running a "script" of some sort that cleans old info on some regular basis. IMO, it's still best to manually configure the device to clean itself out on a regular basis. This is usually done through settings in the browser and history settings.
I think the OP actually forced a new "cookie" and with the reset of Tapatalk, got himself going :thumb
When I do a reconfiguration such as we are trying to explain, I like to go a step at a time. It takes way longer and is way more work but lets me know where the problem actually wuz.
I guess I'm not seeing the need to consider the "https" URL...I don't see that anywhere and AFAIK have never seen it associated with the MOA.
Https should be used any time you login. If you don't your password is sent over the internet in plain text and anyone can see your password. Tapatalk should be using and expecting ssl from your site.

Also clearing your browser cache and cookies has nothing to do with tapatalk.

My $.02. You have a very complicated setup with all these domain redirects. I assume you hired site YM. They should fix this.

I'm looking into this on the tapatalk forum too.

If they have input I'll share that.
That would be great. It seemed like most have had the trouble 'cuz the URL changed and Tapatalk recognized that and kept going in the wrong place- sorta.
Ted seems to have the magic on this...he's helped others in the past. Drop him a PM.
Tapatalk is out of date on this site was their first comment. Time to upgrade.


Forum XMLRPC Interface for Tapatalk Application

Current Tapatalk plugin version: 5.2.2
Latest Tapatalk plugin version: 5.3.1
Attachment upload interface status: Inaccessible
Push notification interface status: Inaccessible

Tapatalk API for Universal Forum Access
For more details, please visit https://tapatalk.com
Two Versions of Tapatalk

I use to be able to login via Tapatalk on my iPhone or my iPad but mostly used my iPad to browse the Forums. Then a few weeks back no luck logging in. I did all of the usual tricks, delete from device, reboot, re-install. All my other riding sites no problem but here, no luck.

Also which version of Tapatalk for iOS should I be using?

Tapatalk by Quoord Systems
Tapatalk HD for iPad by Tapatalk​
The Tapatalk plugin has been updated and should work correctly. Some users may have difficulty logging in to the forum via Tapatalk. This is a password issue. You will need to contact me and I can reset your password and correct this issue for you.
I am still getting the "Failed to connect to forum". I have PM'ed Ted regarding a password reset as he suggests above, but is there anything else I need to do? I deleted the old BMWMOA from Tapatalk and reloaded it from their list (this morning). Does that clear the old links, or do I have to do something else inside Tapatalk? I looked but found no 'clean' or 'purge' settings.


***EDIT: I am now in! Notes to anyone else having the same problem, I realized that even deleting, searching, and reloading the MOA forum in Tapatalk, it was still showing the old logo. So, I searched again, using "bmwmoa" as a search term, and lo and behold, BOTH forums showed up. Select the one with the new logo, and I was able to log in smooth as butter.
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Tapatalk issues

Can't log into forums - no problem through web browser, just tapatalk - has been an issue since the new site and forums launched

Sticky threads don't show up in tapatalk regardless or how recent the last post is.

Any advice?

I didn't find this thread when I searched initially so my post was just moved here. Reading the one above, I can state that I already loaded the forum with the new logo and it didn't help. I'll keep reading backwards, but if anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them.
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Ted got me going with a new password for tapatalk - can't figure out how to change it through tapatalk and it will be a bit annoying if I have to remember 2 passwords for the MOA forums. This may just be on my list of annoyances with tapatalk. Not seeing sticky threads and general difficulty navigating since their last "update" were already on the list.

Why am I unable to use tapatalk? When I try to log in it tells me my password will be sent to bmwmoa.org