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Tapatalk access

I wish I could fix it! This has been addresed in a thread in the Forum Help area at the top of the forum. The office is aware and are working on a plan.
May 3rd cannot come soon enough....

Tapatalk is almost key to running an effective forum these days. Please make the solution also a sticky. It's frustrating having it on and off again. Should be an easy fix.
It's May 3rd and Tapatalk seems to be working. I got a PM from tweetbiker while using the service. So, check it out!
Question...can you access the Flea Market via Tapatalk? A user in the Forum Help area can't seem to get to the FM. Looks like he's running Tapatalk.
Tapatalk is for forums only. I think the FM moved back to the web server, not a forum any longer.
You will need a web browser to view.
Tapatalk community reader released update today for ipad. Version 2.0. Seems to be broken again. Can't authenticate.
Okay. I promise that I verified my password, etc.
I left it and came back in 30 minutes and the login works. Go figure.
Posting from 2.0
I've seen this thread, and thought I'd try Tapatalk to see if it's easier to use than the regular browser on my iPhone. I downloaded the current Tapatalk app (2.0) but I can't login.

In this thread, the workaround mentioned in Post #12 isn't explained.

In Post #20, bmwgsrider says

"..you need to make sure your signed out of MOA first to click on top link... You sign in and click on second link."

I signed out on both the computer's and the phone's browsers, and had no success. I didn't see a "top link" and "second link;" perhaps they appeared on a prior version of Tapatalk.

The process described in Post #25 ("Log in through Account Management" and then selecting "system gen password") is also mysterious, as the only thing close to "Account Management" I see is on the MOA main page, called "Account Info," and there's no selection there for "system gen password."

I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
You don't need the workaround in this thread any longer. The entire site has been rebuilt since then.

When I loaded 2.0 earlier today I could not login.
I could connect to read as guest but login denied.

After about 30 mins I could login and all is fine now. Not sure what I did to get it to work.
I did login they safari a couple of times, not sure if that affected it.
Btw, you will like it much better than the browser. At least you won't have to adapt from the 1.x interface to the 2.x interface. It is different.