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Posting Guidelines - Please Read

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Post Guidelines

What's good for this forum:

We want this forum to be your portal to your on-line BMW experience. We're looking to provide an enjoyable forum for people to discuss all things related to BMW motorcycles and the BMW MOA. We encourage local clubs to use this forum to spread the word about their organization. We want everyone to feel welcome and free to post their questions, comments, pictures of their latest ride, announcements of their latest local club event, photos of their bike, how they fixed something, reviews of rallies, gadgets and bikes. Got a question? Post it! Someone knows the answer!

What's not good for this forum:

While we encourage you to post, we also want everyone to adhere to some basic rules of behavior.

We understand that sometimes someone may just cheese you off and before you get a moment to collect your happy thoughts and provide a thoughtful retort, you post a rude comment about some sort of interesting body manipulation. We're here to point those comments out and to help you help us keep this place pleasant.

Posts should have some level of BMW or motorcycling content. It may be small, but it should have some content that revolves around BMW motorcycles. We want to discourage discussion about religion, guns in tankbags, the value of emission controls and other items that make people start foaming at the mouth. Items in Campfire, our off topic forum, should still contain some type of motorcycle or forum related content Like it's said, "Nothing kills polite conversation like religion or politics." If you really want to talk about those kinds of things, there are plenty of forums available to let you get it all out. The moderators may be able to direct you to one they're familiar with.

Obscenity is discouraged. This is a PG forum. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, please don't say it here. And if your grandmother can swear real well, pretend your kids are reading over your shoulder.

Personal attacks are not tolerated in any way, nor is baiting someone to encourage such attacks in the form of trolling. When the fight starts, everyone gets a seat in the the Doghouse.

Advertising is prohibited.

Holy wars of the "My bike is better than yours", "HDs suck", "white wine is for sissies, real men drink red" and other general slamming is discouraged.

Discriminatory comments regarding race, religion and the like are prohibited as are all forms of general slander and character defamation.

So, if you take a look here, the requirements for good citizenship are small. We're giving everyone plenty of lattitude to encourage talk about things that will interest the BMW riding population.

So, how does moderation work?

Your friendly neighborhood moderators will make every effort to work with the membership to come to an agreeable solution to what are, in keeping with the guidelines, problematic posts.

We'll send a Personal Message, encouraging the poster to either edit or delete the post and why we feel they should. We'll do these items in private to preserve everyone's dignity.

If they don't want to play along, and we certainly hope they do, we can either lock the thread down, or delete the post. Locked threads will be moved to the forum the Doghouse so folks can understand what is and isn't acceptable.

In short, nobody likes a tyrant. But everybody can live in a place where the rules are clear and applied fairly. We're striving to operate under that kind of framework.

Thanks for your consideration. Post often and post early!

The BMW MOA Forum Team

[Updated by 20774] For updated information, see The Posting Guidelines.
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