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New Ride Reports forum

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Id say bring your bike to my shop, lets se what you need as far as brakes, as far as the tee shirts go, shanon lives close by, matthew i think you have my number?? 509 710-0880, By fo now..

the disks on the front are both a little warped, they have a grabby spot, I can't hardly use them below 20mph, thats why I went for the back brake. I found some used brakes disks, they are for an 86 K100, does anyone know if they would fit my bike 85 K100RS?
Staciebug you might not get a response since the rally is going on at this time, you could shurley try dave hopkins at beaudrys on tuesday, or sometimes i use the parts fiche at bobs bmw, just do a year search for replacement rotors and see it the part numbers align-up....matthew
Thank you Matt, I ordered the parts on ebay, they were said to be in great condition, no warp etc. I will see you at the rally in republic if you are there, my dad's rental LT arrives this afternoon from Classic Rides. We might ride around to Harrison and St. Maries, (where I hit the deer last week) wish me luck! I still have to get one of my turn signals working though, stupid deer. Still missing a mirror too... sad:scratch

You were very lucky in the incidents you described. Hopefully you future rides won't be so eventful. Many more experienced riders have had worse outcomes in similar situations. you don't sound discouraged so keep riding, in my experience it is unusual to have so many close call is such a short period of time. But then I like to hang on the back-roads.

I buy a lotto ticket every week, no money to be had!! I just want one million, thats all. I went to the Republic Rally and managed to not hit anything, except the keg during the keg push. :drink
F650 GS OKC to SLC and back

Just got back from my ride out to Salt Lake City from my home in Edmond, OK, (just north of OKC). My 2009 F650 GS performed flawlessly, especially in the mountains. I strongly recommend the Airhawk seat pad- I experienced no burning butt issues on the ride. I shipped my field gear for the geologic filed trip I was attending in SLC, so I could travel light- had a Wolfman waterproof pack and Wolfman tank bag on the bike.

Day 1- Going out I headed west on I 40 to Amarillo, then cut to the northwest through Dalhart, TX, then up to Raton, NM, where I took I25 to Walsenburg, CO.
Hot and mostly flat until Raton. I wore a perforated leather Vanson jacket, and Darien pants. Bike has good acceleration for passing on two lanes. About 540 miles on first day.

Day 2- Caught Hwy 69 out of Walsenburg, and had the next 100 miles to Salida, CO all to myself in the cool morning air. Spectacular scenery- absolutely perfect. Continued on Rt 50 through Gunnison, Montrose, to Grand Junction. The Arkansas River was way up, and provided beautiful roadside rapids as the road follows the river for a ways out of Salida. High point of trip was 11,312' Monarch Pass, where temps got down to 40. Caught the interstate at Grand Junction, and through the afternoon heat onto Green River, UT. Started the day at 50 degrees, ended in Green River a dry 100 degrees. Toasty. 400 mile day.

Day 3- Short day, only 180 miles to SLC, headed to Price and Helper, then through Soldier Summit in the cool morning air. Again, the early ride out of Green River was just great- little traffic and lots of outcrops. I am a geologist, so Utah was especially distracting. I opened her up along Rt 6 to Price- zoom.

Next 7 days- attended geological field trip in UT and WY- really cool outcrops.

Day 11- Departed SLC heading east on I80, temps quickly cooled off from 53 to 40, with rain, and wind most of the way to through Evanston, Rock Springs, Wamsutter, and finally Cheyenne, where I caught I25 heading south. That cross wind kept me focused. Heated grips were a savior, and Aerostich Darien jacket with liner kept me dry and warm. The temps got down to 36 through western WY, had no trouble with fogging of face shield of Shoei RF 1100 helmet. Stopped for night in Longmont, CO. 485 mile day.

Day 12- Home stretch. Skirted Denver on I25 E470- interestingly the tolls are all electronic- I will receive bill in mail. Turned east on I70 and crossed into KS. During cool morning ride, the terrain has a little variety, not all flat in eastern CO, but it quickly irons out as you get into KS. Cloudy all the way but dry- temps were 53 at start, moving above 80 when I turned south in Salina, KS onto I35. As I crossed border into OK, the rains came, and it was wet all the way into Edmond, Earlier in the day Edmond had been drenched with 5 to 10 inches of rainfall. Fortunately, by the time I was riding there, most of the heavy stuff had moved off.
Gear kept me dry, although I need to get more comfortable waterproof gloves. My gloves and hands got clammy using the Aerostich rain mitts. Long day- 670 miles.

All in all it was a great ride. The twisty mountain roads were perfect for the F650GS. It handled superslab with no issues, and averaged around 50 mpg.
Strapping waterproof bag to tail worked OK, but I need to look into hard cases.
I also need a camera mount to take pictures while riding but without fumbling around with a little camera.

Thanks for listening,

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