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Stebel Horn Install on a KGT 1300

Mount Horn under the ABS controller as shown with the zip ties provided


  • 34 Horn Mounting 1.jpg
    34 Horn Mounting 1.jpg
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Rear zip tie is a litte tricky to get in - detail provided below


  • 35 Horn Mounting 2.jpg
    35 Horn Mounting 2.jpg
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All wire harnesses dressed and the product tested.



  • 39 Dressed.jpg
    39 Dressed.jpg
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While helping out a friend do his Stebel install he routed the air horn hose differently from the instructions and it seemed a more natural postion for the hose to follow instead of the instructed one.

Shown below is the alternate routing.

Up to you which you want to use.


  • 41 Alternate Routing.jpg
    41 Alternate Routing.jpg
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