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Stebel Horn Install on a KGT 1300

Before mounting the compressor connect the provided wires to the postiie and negative connectors


  • 19 Compressor Install Wiring.jpg
    19 Compressor Install Wiring.jpg
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After the connectors are placed mount the compressor as the instructions state.

Close up view of the securing sequence


  • 18 Compressor Install.jpg
    18 Compressor Install.jpg
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Creating the Horn Trigger

Insert the provided ball with pin wire from the kit in the GREEN wire connection.

NOTE the picture shows the pin partially inserted for pictorial purposes - SIT THE PIN fully for actual application


  • 20 Trigger Connection.jpg
    20 Trigger Connection.jpg
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Seal the connection with some heat shrink

To properly seal, insert the shrink tubing into the connector


  • 21 Heatshrink insertion.jpg
    21 Heatshrink insertion.jpg
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This next step is not called out but I taped the heat-shrunk tubing with friction tape


  • 23 Friction tape.jpg
    23 Friction tape.jpg
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After the connection was taped it is now time to route the wire to the relay.

Shown below is how I routed it

I went up the side of the main harness

Across the battery mounting area

Then down into the ABS Control area to the relay


  • 24 Trigger routing 1.jpg
    24 Trigger routing 1.jpg
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Across the battery area - the green arrow shows how I routed it in the hole for the J-Nut


  • 25 Trigger routing 2.jpg
    25 Trigger routing 2.jpg
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Some wire management detail by the horn connection area


  • 26 Trigger routing 3.jpg
    26 Trigger routing 3.jpg
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As the trigger wire is black and there is still more wiring do to, I quickly threw on some white heat shrink tubing for identification and noted the end.

I will shrink the tubing later once the final length is established


  • 27 Trigger routing 4.jpg
    27 Trigger routing 4.jpg
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Mounting the Relay

The relay shown with the arrow is not OEM equipment it is the relay for my Centech

The green highlight is where I am mounting the relay for the horn.

Tools used are a T30 torx and a 10mm wrench


  • 28 Relay Mounting 4.jpg
    28 Relay Mounting 4.jpg
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Detail of relay mounted.

Note 1 - the hole where the bolt goes thru is a little small, you will need to run the bolt thru to ensure it fits

Note 2 - the bolt is intentionally mounted upside down (by me) this is to provide the surface area of the washer on the tab of the relay


  • 29 Relay Mounting 5.jpg
    29 Relay Mounting 5.jpg
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I decided to create my own power harness as I did not want to use black as a power wire


  • 32 Relay Power Prep.jpg
    32 Relay Power Prep.jpg
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Connecting the power for the horn from the Centech


  • 33 Relay Power Connection.jpg
    33 Relay Power Connection.jpg
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This special connector provided in the kit, connects the grounds of the compressor and the bike (from Centech) together


  • 36 Special Ground.jpg
    36 Special Ground.jpg
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The relay is connected

Please note at the time the length of the control wire (horn) was known i shrunk the white tubing


  • 38 Wired.jpg
    38 Wired.jpg
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