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Stebel Horn Install on a KGT 1300


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This DYI describes how to mount a Stebel Horn on a KGT 1300.

The Horn and Mount Kit was obtained from http://www.excelcyclewerkes.com/
(No affiliation, just used his product)

Other reference material in addtion to the provided installation instructions is this pictorial from the werks site link

I reviewed the instructions and documented the process of installation.

The Scope of Work entails the following:

  • Remove Left/Right/Top Fairing Plastics
  • Remove air intake snorkel and access horn connection
  • Prep Mounting bracket and area for compressor
  • Mount horn
  • Wire relay and compressor
  • Dress wire harnesses
  • Test
  • Re-assemble

Special Note - I have a Centech Fuse Panel so I did not mount the provided fuse carrier and fuse.
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Tools Used

Below is the display of tools used.

You do not need the exact ones - it's just the ones I used:

- Zip Tie Gun
- Friction Tape
- Scissors
- 1/4 in drive ratchet and extension
- Crimp Tool
- 5mm Hex
- 5 mm Hex with handle
- 13mm wrench
- 10mm wrench
- wire strippers
- T30/25 Sockets
- Needle nose pliers
- snips
- small combo screw driver


  • 0 Tools.jpg
    0 Tools.jpg
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Accessing the Horn connection

The green arrow highlights the location of the horn connector you need to access to set up the trigger for the air horn.

This is on the throttle side of the bike, below the mid way point of the air snorkle intake.

As it is so conjested I decided to remove the air snorkle intake for access.


  • 1 Horn ConnectionLocation.jpg
    1 Horn ConnectionLocation.jpg
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The computer needs to be unmounted and set out of the way.

There are two screws and one clip on mount.

The first is shown below


  • 2 Computer screw 2.jpg
    2 Computer screw 2.jpg
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Remove the snorkle from the bike frame.

Please note detail of connection - you will need to give a good steady tug to pull off.


  • 8 Air Snorkel Connection.jpg
    8 Air Snorkel Connection.jpg
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The picture below shows how I removed the connector by pressing with the screwdriver in the tab as shown.

Please note that the connector is clipped in place so that it not strong enough to withstand the pressure of pressing on the tab - support the connector from the back with one hand while working the tab to disconnect.


  • 10 Horn Connector Removal.jpg
    10 Horn Connector Removal.jpg
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Prepping the Compressor Mounting Area

Location is now on the Clutch side of the bike.

The red highlighted area is the screw to remove it is a T30 torx.

The ornage wire is my trigger wire for the centech, it is not part of the standard bike.


  • 11 Bracket Screw Location .jpg
    11 Bracket Screw Location .jpg
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Shown the mounting bracket from the kit, the 8mm bolt (13mm wrench) lock washer, regular washer and nut.

The OEM Torx bolt will not be used and it will be replaced with new supplied hardware.


  • 12 Bracket Hardware.jpg
    12 Bracket Hardware.jpg
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Anal retentiveness alert - locktighted the screw - not required


  • 14 Bracket Hardware 3.jpg
    14 Bracket Hardware 3.jpg
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