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Riding Afraid


look out!!!
A video by a good friend who used to be a very active MOA member, and actively-contributing volunteer in our community, and a strong advocate of appropriate training for women riders.

Please subscribe to her channel... it's new and it will be interesting to see where she goes.

On one of my very first solo rides, I stopped for gas and the woman asked

"Aren't you afraid?"

I told her yes.

And if I find I'm not afraid, I'll quit riding.

I an still riding. And still afraid.

I ride aware and confident knowing my abilities. The last time I was afraid when I got on the motor, I sold the bike [ NO riding afraid as that's when I'll make mistakes, as in hesitation gets you killed ].

It was 3 years later I got the bug and bought another motor. Haven't had that feeling since but when I do, I'm off the motors. Probably for the last time at my age.
Same here, but I put this video here because it’s a different perspective, and the rider is a woman.

I’ve crashed so many times I’ve lost count… :ha

10-4, when I was hesitant to ride, I stopped riding as that IMO could lead to problems. Lasted 3 years, then back on the motors. Not sure why I got that feeling, but stopped riding while it was there.
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After I crashed many years ago (not my fault) I lost my nerve and didn’t ride for about a full month. But then I felt I was ready and got back on and didn’t worry at all about ‘the next time’.
Well, maybe I do worry about hitting a deer at dusk or nighttime.
If you're like me, I wondered how the series ended. So, I looked up the last two videos. Here's the third video.


That was powerful!

She's a real hero!


:thumb That I can not deny!

As much as I admire her drive to ride again, at my age, edging close to eighty:gerg and as much as I love touring on my bikes, I question if I’d have her determination to ride again after such a tortuous recovery.

Kudos to her! :bow