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Please include MODEL and YEAR in your thread title!

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Consider this a moderator nag.

If you're posting about a model specific problem, a model specific comment, or with a model specific question, putting the model in your thread title will lure people who might have an answer into opening the thread. It's also very useful for people who may be searching for the same info in the future. Helps you - helps the forum. WIN/WIN as is said in the corporate world.

I've noted a number of threads that don't include this vital and simple to add information. I'd also ask in the thread itself - that you include the year*/model - so people know what bike is being talked about. Many people find it helpful to simply add this info to their "SIG" so it's automatically added to every message.

Thanks for your cooperation!

* The reason to add the year - BMW has a habit of reusing model numbers for not too similar bikes, plus there are year to year changes in models that do retain their model number. This will help keep the confusion down.
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