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***New Option*** 10mm Inner Sump Plug


Everyone that's ever changed oil on a K1600 will agree the inner sump, 5mm Allen, plug is a PIA. It's hard to access, very messy taking in/out, and is easily stripped.

Thank goodness RL came up with a "better mouse trap"; e.g. the RL Super Plug. This plug has filled the void for about 12 years and now cost $39.00.

It just didn't make since to me that there wasn't a suitable replacement "plug" available that didn't require modifications like welding, machining, etc. BTW , the inner plug is an M10 x 1 thread. I did a quick search of the internet and sure enough, several 10mm hex head plug options appeared. And the options ranged from actual oil plugs with magnetic ends to simple plugs.

I ordered a couple of the "simple" plugs from Amazon Prime. Using a spare inner sump/ oil pan and a deep 10mm 1/4" drive socket I discovered the 10mm plug was VERY easy to control and install. The lip around the 10mm hex on the plug allows the plug to be pretty secure in the 10mm, deep 1/4" drive socket. I used a deep socket because it fits nicely through the oil pan access hole with very little to no play; e.g. it help align the plug with the inner sump... BTW, the plug I ordered came with 10mm crush washer. I did not use the crush washer; e.g. OEM plug does not use a washer.

Unfortunately, on Amazon, the minimum order was 2 plugs... :( So now I have a spare. But, I didn't fret too much, delivered from Amazon 2 plugs were $10.52! :):):)

Here's a photo of the now 3 vice 2 options for the inner sump plug. 10mm plug, RL plug, OEM plug.

Left to Right: 10mm Plug/RL Plug/OEM Plug


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    sump plugs.jpg
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