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MOAL 2nd Sat R-2-E; 13Jan24


Happy New Year Y’all!
Here’s hoping you’ve had your fill of family and indoor activities; it’s time for our first MOAL 2nd Saturday Ride-2-Eat of 2024.

I had planned to visit Beans and Greens in Ballplay, But they’ve decided to close for several weeks in January. We discovered this situation by pre-riding my planned route from Huntsville last Weds. We’ll use that route in a future month when all the pieces better connect and the weather improves.

Instead, the 13Jan24 R2E will rendezvous at/about 11:00 at the Harp and Clover gourmet Irish Pub; 124 Court Street, Gadsden, AL. It’s near to the Back Forty Brewing Co. Court Street is one-way going north towards Locust St. The Building is a large 3-story brick former office structure. It seems to have earned a reputation for good chow!
>> https://www.facebook.com/harpandclovergadsden/ <<
My Garmin waypoint:= << N34° 00.825' W86° 00.186’ >>

We plan to depart HSV from the Blue Plate Cafe on Governor’s Drive and make a stop at the Murphy’s gas station on south Memorial Parkway for un-Ethanol High-Test - departing there NLT 9:00 to arrive at “The Clover” ~1100.

This being January, it's gonna be chilly {mid-40s for the high}. You, however, may choose to arrive in a heated 4-wheeled conveyance. Hope to see one or more folks in January or later in the new year... ;)
Ciao, Phil & Karen

Here's the facade and street layout for the January gathering spot...
We had a most splendid turnout at the first MOAL Ride-2-Eat of 2024 in Gadsden, AL [19 total]. It was certainly chilly when we left Huntsville this morning {~30F @0900, but it did warm into the mid-40s coming home}. Five riders departed south on my un-tested Basecamp route. As happens too often, Garmin wanted us to turn onto nonexistent roadways {three times today with "Avoid unpaved roadways" selected}. I’ll be sending them map discrepancy reports fer sure…

We arrived at the Harp & Clover a bit early to find Jim McCorstin taking in the morning sun on their front stoop {he rode ~80 miles NE from Pelham, whereas we rode 70 miles south}. We were joined by 14 other "mature members" who chose to arrive by car. The pub is apparently popular because a line formed before they opened their doors at 1100. Our party was assigned to the auxiliary seating area where one server attemted to manage our many merged tables.

I’d say everyone enjoyed their chosen selections as they came out from the kitchen. They offered the typical deluxe Irish selections - mine was a delicious Shepard’s pie in a potato covered baking dish with side salad. Mrs-HSV selected a big grilled cheese sandwich paired with a hearty bowl of chili. Others tried the Bangers & Mash or the Fish & Chips. Our waitress and the kitchen tried to keep up, but we were there for about two hours with slow service. The main bar area was also jam-packed with guests. This establishment is only open for lunch or for dinner with a gap in the PM.

For my random selection as we drove north thru Gadsden from Mt Cheaha State Park, I did choose well for an MOAL R2E. The Mt Cheaha State Park leaves much to be desired at this time of year - like say Food or Drink! We’d visited years ago, before covid on a summer’s afternoon. The restaurant was working normally then and the views were commendable. January ain’t the time to visit this particular park or Lodge, although the scenery at Alabama’s Highest Pt was improved due to the lack of foliage. It’s a long drive to a restaurant from this Park Lodge [ N33° 28.527' W85° 48.432’ ] - hence the shortage of employees!

Stay tuned for the TBD February 2nd Saturday R-2-E!

The gaggle upon arrival - by moi...

The gaggle as seen by Susan.

The gaggle as seen by Jack - back to front.

The gaggle as seen by Jack - front towards back.

Happy Trails in 2024!
Sláinte! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen