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MOAL 2nd Sat R-2-E, 11-11-23


Next month’s hosts checked out this interesting Mexican restaurant in Springville, AL; they think it will make a good place to visit for the Nov 11th, 2nd Saturday Ride to Eat.

The MOAL Birmingham group will meet for a 10am departure at the Shell station located at Grants Mill Road and Rex Lake Road [ N33° 29.279' W86° 38.444' ]. They’ll take a backroad route up to Springville of a little over one hour with a short stop along the way. They plan to arrive at the restaurant and be parked by 11:30. Parking is actually tight there, but there’s a large church directly across the street with ample parking for a Saturday. All y’all from Georgia and Tennessee are welcome to meet at said address should the weather suit your style. :nod

After lunch they’ll take a ride through the beautiful Washington Valley and up onto Straight Mountain before riding the ridge back into Springville. This loop is approximately 45 minutes.

La Cabanita
6468 Pope Ave {also Main Street, also US-11}
Springville, AL
N33° 46.528' W86° 28.264’

El Presidente & Mdm Secretary are on a westward sojourn, so we're thankful for Jim & Vance’s volunteerism!
Cheers from That Famous Corner in Winslow Arizona!

Und cheers from the Relic Road Brewery just across Route-66 -- Happy Halloween y’all.