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Hotel chains with pull up to rooms


Mostly a camper but when doing hotel thing I prefer the bike close. Does anyone know a major chain that has mostly that type of lodging, or is there a website or way to find just those?
Many Comfort Inn properties especially Quality Inns have outside entrances. We always request a down and out. Outside room entrances are found in older properties. The style of hotels with outside entrances was reduced dramatically when more women began travelling on business as they felt inside entrances were safer.
I don't think I can identify any specific chain with mostly exterterior room doors. It does vary with age. What I do always (if I have wi fi) is use Google Maps street view to look at the motel/hotel. That tells me whether it has interior or exterior room doors. It also tells me some things about exterior upkeep. The map view also gives me a good idea what is in the immediate area and what the neighborhood looks like. This has enabled me to avoid several candidate motels with undesirable surroundings or signs of neglect.
I ask the front desk if I can park up close to the front door or under the check in canopy for the night and in most cases they say yes. I usually stay at the Choice band hotels.
Mr. Glaves Idea of using Goggle maps to look at the property is a great idea, especially if your leaving in the morning and would like to book a room for the afternoon, thinking the next town might fill up.

I do like the old style motels where you can park right in front of your door. So easy. And I always bring a full cover to keep the riff raff from poking around my bike. Out of sight is out of mind IMHO.

On the road I like cheap. And this is usually family owned one off motels. At the end of most days all I want is a shower a remote and bed, I'm usually pretty beat.

If I'm staying for a couple nights I'll get a nicer place. But that's rare for me -I usually keep moving, unless its raining.
1990 K75 RT
Mr. Glaves Idea of using Goggle maps to look at the property is a great idea,

I also use Google Maps to find motels, then look at pictures people have posted of the property.
If you don't have a outside door a window that opens is almost as handy.

I ask the front desk if I can park up close to the front door or under the check in canopy for the night and in most cases they say yes. I usually stay at the Choice band hotels.

This works for us at Hampton Inns and have only been refused once. They have great mattresses and pillows, a good breakfast and we accumulate points on their Amex Hilton Honors for free stays.
One of my favorite motels is in Fort Nelson. When we went thru there for the first time in the early 90s there were only a few old and dumpy motels. We stayed in the Shannon Inn (still open I think). The rest of the place was full of road crews. The room was filthy with bird crap on the bed. We almost left but Annie was having a migraine and we were driving two vehicles as we moved to Alaska. When the oil boom happened, Fort Nelson got some new major chain motels. We stayed at the new Super 8 (not a chain one associates with being memorable in a positive way) and it was very upscale inside. The best part is that it had both an interior and an exterior door. The Super 8 in Salmon, ID has a few rooms that also have interior/exterior doors as does a motel in Clarkston, WA, the name of which I do not recall.
That looks familiar... Grand Junction?

Alma Nebraska. We were on our way home from Colorado.
The night before I looked at Google maps and saw 2 private places and a Super 8.
One of the private place pictures look decent so it was on the top of our list.
When we pulled in the parking lot was crap. Debbie said if they couldn't afford a little gravel the rooms probably were not great.
Went to the Super 8 and it was good and pretty cheap.
The old depot across the road was a good place to eat.
The Station Alma Ne..jpg
15 years ago…

… I suggested to the MOA that we develop a mobile app that, among other things, would give members a location-aware listing of moto-friendly motels (and campgrounds) to address exactly this need. A lot of these places do not show up on the usual lodging apps.

The data would come from our members, who could enter it into the app themselves, when they found a great place. All those places that Lee and others posted above would be captured instead of buried in some forum post.

I also registered motomotels.com and motocampsites.com…. so that the MOA could create awareness and generate additional revenue from non-members.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had this data in our MOA app? :dunno


… plus data like this could come from social activities like the #MOAposse concept…

… pps … the money to develop this was intended to come from the GS Giants advriding series that was to occur around the country
I would use it.

… and, if done right, the MOA could get a little cha-ching from making a reservation through the app.

President Reece Mullins said he’s looking for revenue streams, here is a prime example of one.