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Hello from Manitoba!

Hi…Last week I ordered a R1300 GS in triple black, fully loaded, with delivery possibly in March.
Although I loved my ‘17 FJR1300ES, the weight was getting to be a bit of a struggle in the garage.
Let the farkling begin!

Welcome from DFW, TX. That's a big change from the FJR!
I went from a ST1300 Honda to a 2018 R1200 GSA.. So much better to ride and just push around.. The Beemer just carries it's weight better.. Still I miss My ST.. Such a good bike and what I sold it for I should have just kept it, even though it would have gathered dust.
Of course the GSA now has a sidecar so it can be a pain to push around, but it don't fall over. LOL
Welcome to the club by the way-- And yes you can do all your own maintenance.