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New (to me) K1300GT owner


New member
Hi there,

Pretty much cut & pasted from another forum I joined recently to save me typing it out in full again! I'm not lazy just don't like to make work for myself...well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Long time dry weather motorcyclist (apart from the first couple of years when I braved all weathers as I had to get to work before I passed my car test) here in the UK;

1976 Yamaha FS1-E DX
1977 Yamaha RD250C
1978 Suzuki GS550
1980 Suzuki GS1000S
1985 Kawasaki GPZ900R
1993 Yamaha FJ1200 ABS
2001 Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace

There was also a Yamaha XJ650 in there somewhere that I forgot to include...

These last few years it was my thumbs and then my wrists that started to ache initially especially at low speed/around town when my weight was on them and it seemed like every year the discomfort got higher; elbows, shoulders etc. and once it hit my back I knew my days were numbered.

Sadly had to sell the 'Ace during COVID lockdown to pay Gas & Electricity bills(!) as I wasn't working but to be honest once I hit 60 years old it was getting uncomfortable what with the racing crouch and my having to tilt my head back just to see where I was pointed giving me a stiff neck after only a few miles.

But here's the thing...once a biker always a biker and even during my last couple of years on the 'Ace I was considering the K1300GT as another powerful bike but with a more upright riding position for this old man and more comfort for those times I might carry a pillion of similar vintage whose knees can no longer be pinned behind her ears as would be the case with a perch for a seat and uncomfortably high foot pegs. Yeah...I know what you're thinking...younger model. :D

So...here I am a couple of years after I sold the 'Ace and my thoughts have turned back to the K1300GT as it seems to tick all the boxes for me and being someone who loves as many bells & whistles as possible I stumbled across a nice K1300GT Exclusive Edition in Granite Grey Metallic not 50 shades of grey away from the Monsoon Grey Pearl that adorns my car.

Bike is pretty much standard but obviously fully loaded and has Touratech heated seats which were on there when the last owner purchased it in 2014 and he did not have the original seats which was a shame as I like to keep all the standard parts if at all possible.

He also ran it on 95 octane so my first job was to run it down to 0 miles and fill it up with £38 worth of Shell V-Power 98 octane as I do with all my vehicles.

I am nothing if not a hypocrite as even though I run my car/bike/van on the finest petrol/diesel the most important vehicle of them all (ie the person typing this) runs on junk fuel! ::)

It has a full BMW service history with receipts from the same dealer it had been purchased from brand new in 2011 and had its last service two weeks before I purchased it in February showing 21,636 miles where the usual oil, filter, shaft oil & seals and brake fluid were done.

It had a new pair of Michelin Road 5 GT's @1500 miles ago and a new battery fitted during its last service.

All in all a tidy machine.

I've already started to fit some goodies to it such as ezCAN, Denali Soundbomb, LED sidelights etc. and will be fitting some Philips GT200 H7 bulbs/Philips Ultinon Pro6000 LED stop/taillights/rear indicators and illuminated emblem/roundels a step at a time in case it upsets the CAN Bus.

I've ridden @1500 dry miles on it so far and enjoyed every minute. Can honestly say its the best bike I've ever owned/ridden but then again it is the newest, most modern bike I've owned and even has that new-fangled fuel injection fitted! :laugh

Looking forward to many more trouble-free miles even after reading all about the issues that seemed to plague the K-series...

Thanks & kind regards,

Welcome from central Florida. Sounds like you have a great bike. Enjoy it and the pleasure it brings.
Welcome to the North American BMW M/C Forum, GlynH!

Sounds like you’ve finally found your dream M/C; Good Choice I believe. Hope it takes you all over Europe if that’s on your travel radar...

Maybe now U won’t worry about fair-weather riding, and you’ll simply go where & when U choose. You seem to very “communicative,” which is very different from my mother’s family in B’Ham, Kent, and Abersoch Wales. I’ve sent postcards trying to elicit some confirmation that they’re still alive - no replies, yet...

Stop by if/when you’re traveling thru northern Alabama. There are many worse locations that U needn’t worry about. Why have you joined this particular Motorrad club? Just wondering about your North American interests... :heh My uncle trained to fly in Canada during WWII, but then the Germans capitulated! Lucky for him...

Enjoy your sleek new-2-U BMW safely. I’m sure you too have your share of Distracted Drivers.

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen
USAF-Ret'd — & — USN-Ret’d

'75 R90S ————— '82 R100CS
’09 KLX250S ——— ’08 CRF230L
'14 K16GT ———— '16 R1200RS
’05 Vespa 200L
Welcome Glyn! It just so happens I have recently developed a lust for the K1300GT so I hope you are loving the bike. Also hoping you will post a pic or two.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Best bike I've ever had although it is also the newest and first fuel-injected bike I've ever owned!

Never felt the urge to cross the water into Europe in all my years of riding (although have done so many times in cars) but am now seriously considering doing so next year so that has to say something I suppose.

Thanks for the kind offer Phil. I have driven through Georgia & Florida a few times in the past but don't think I'll make it that far on two wheels although would love to travel Route 66

I notice you are ex-USAF. Were you ever TDY over here in the UK? I have spent some time on USAF bases here specifically Upper Heyford & Croughton but also visited Greenham Common, Welford, Chicksands, Fairford, Lakenheath, Mildenhall etc. I have also flown into Dallas and spent a week or so in Shreveport next door to the BUFF's at Barksdale.

My father was from South Wales so have spent some time in Wales but never been as far up as Abersoch. Birmingham is @40 miles away from where I live and I was down in Tonbridge in Kent only last week. Let me know if you want me to hit your family up! :)

I joined BMWMOA mainly because I saw all the technical posts from Semper_Fi on the K1300GT and just wanted to put something back so figured a subscription was the least I could do but also enjoy reading all the previous posts to become an armchair expert on my machine and its idiosyncrasies.

I'll try and put a couple of photos up when I have taken some decent ones...

Thanks & kind regards,
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Hallo again, Señor Glyn!

Our last visit to the UK began at Celtic Rider BMW rentals in Dublin years ago. We very much enjoyed 11 days touring Ireland; then we took the ferry over to Wales & B’Ham and points beyond before returning to Dublin. We endured a very rough crossing - seasick bags on every table. Nonetheless we enjoyed our excursion back in Sept ’17. We then had to rush back in time to ride our BMWs X-country to Northern California for an extra special wedding in October... We’re headed to SoCal again next month, but that’s what we like to do.

As far as USAF assignments, I was part of the contingent of the initial A-10 deployment to the UK in ’78. I lived near Ipswich and worked on the flight line at RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge. That was way back in the Reagan administration. Lucky me, I got accepted for a college Commissioning program; I left England for Arizona in 1980. After commissioning in ’83, I served at SAC HQs, the Pentagon, and Space Command in Colorado. It would appear that I retired some 30 years ago in August... :nod

I/we’ve enjoyed the continent at various times over the past many years. Highly recommend the Dolomites; I proposed to Ms-USN near Passo Giau in 2007. And here we are once more {very wet & quite chilled in south Austria in May}.

Making plans for our next Euro vacation to Northern Europe next year. Looking for a Bicycle and Barge tour on the Elbe River plus a BMW rental thru the northern provinces of Germany & Denmark.... :dunno. Greatly enjoyed the Danube River tour in May of ’23.

When the time comes, hope you’ll be ready to tour the world in any fashion that suits U. From 2021-22, we managed to conquer North America and earn individual Iron Butt National Parks Gold Certificates {Mrs-HSV supports my many motorcycling proclivities}!

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen
USAF-Ret'd — & — USN-Ret’d

'75 R90S ————— '82 R100CS
’09 KLX250S ——— ’08 CRF230L
'14 K16GT ———— '16 R1200RS
’05 Vespa 200L