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Hello from Manitoba!


Active member
Hi…Last week I ordered a R1300 GS in triple black, fully loaded, with delivery possibly in March.
Although I loved my ‘17 FJR1300ES, the weight was getting to be a bit of a struggle in the garage.
Let the farkling begin!
Welcome to the MOA and congratulations on ordering a new R1300GS.
It's going to be a long winter waiting for it :)
Can I just say Welcome Bob from the Gr8 White North, or to be anal, is it really Collingsbob? :rolleyes

Hope you'll be really tickled by your chosen High-Tech BMW product when it eventually arrives ... Also hope your winter is not too severe due to the forecasted El Niño! Think Spring. :german

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen
USAF-Ret'd — & — USN-Ret’d

'75 R90S ————— '82 R100CS
’09 KLX250S ——— ’08 CRF230L
'14 K16GT ———— '16 R1200RS
’05 Vespa 200L -—- ’11 Vespa GTS 300
You were worried about the weight of your FJR and ordered a 1300 GS? Welcome from Newfoundland.
I had a FJR, I had a R1200 GSA and I also now have a R1250GSA. The 1250 has a sidecar attached, so it isn’t relevant to the discussion, but would like it noted that I have yet to drop the 1250. I had the 1200 GSA and FJR at the same time for a year or so and the FJR was more difficult to move around the shop by a far cry. Now, if BMW could match the reliability of the FJR, then that would be a wonderful thing.
Welcome Bob! GO THRASHERS!...but I'm not bitter. Hope you will remember to post a picture or two when the bike gets delivered.
I"m happy to say I have pretty much zero experience with and FJR or a modern GS. But neither my R100 RS nor my R1100 S are light by any means.
Some thoughts from a new member…

I’ve been riding for almost 61 years. I have had lots of Yamahas, a few Hondas, one Suzuki and one Vincent - which I rode regularly for almost 40 years. I have done hundreds of oil changes and tuneups, clutch changes and a few top end rebuilds. My decision to trade my trusty, reliable, easy to maintain ‘17 Yamaha FJR1300 in on a ‘24 R1300GS wasn’t easy - the Yamaha is a great bike..parts are readily available and reasonably priced and BMW refuses to sell service manuals and I hear rumours of high prices for parts.
BMW obviously thinks that they can force owners to get all maintenance done at the dealership.
They are wrong.
All this policy does is encourage people to sell black market service manuals.
BMW - you make great bikes, it’s time to embrace the right - to - repair movement that is sweeping North America.