The local BMW dealer had an open house this past weekend and offered a 15% discount on Olympia gear. I purchased the Airglide 2 Jacket in High-Viz.

My riding buddy said he could really see me and I noticed the car drivers on the Interstate were giving me more room than I have ever been accustomed to.

I have owned two First Gear Mesh Jackets and thought that while they did provide airflow, they did not have substantial armor. The Airglide armor appears to be much stiffer than the foam stuff used by First gear.

The jacket ventilates about as well as the First Gear Mesh, but the arms are not completely mesh covered, so there is a difference in air flow in that area between the two jackets.

The liner provided with the Airglide is substantially warmer than the First Gear liner. It is so warm that I plan to use it as a liner for my BMW Savannah jacket for winter riding.