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I concur with everyone else about the RT's. I recently purchased a 2009 R1200RT and have loved every 1,150 miles of it so far. Have only had it for a couple of weeks and haven't had time to ride very much, but I'm planning a trip across country in late July (about 2,980 miles). Work keeps me busy as cop, but I'm on awesome bike every chance I get. Riding to the grocery store, or riding from the beach to the mountains doesn't make any difference...it's never enough miles...I have been looking for the longest routes anywhere. Awesome machine.
You're not coming to the National Rally In Johnson City (Gray) TN?!
That could be a great start to your cross country trip.
Join us. :dance
New to BMW! Wow, what a bike!

As a lifetime rider of Harley-Davidson products, I've made the switch to a new BMW R1200RT. I've always loved the BMW boxers, and have always wanted one. While I still love Harleys, I wanted something a little different this time around. I just picked up my new Saphire Black RT last Saturday, and only have 200 miles on it now. When I test rode it last week, I wasn't sold on the bike and almost walked away, but the great dealer here (Moon Motorsports) asked me to grab my gear from my car one more time while he made some easy ESA adjustments (I'm not used to all this newfangled stuff, I'm a V-Twin person!). I got back on the bike, and all I can say is WOW! This bike is fantastic! I went for a 50 mile ride this evening after work, and familiarized myself with the ESA and other features. Now, this thing fits me like a glove and is so smooth, yet it still has the character that I love so much about twins.

I'd post a photo, but you all know what they look like, so I won't take up any more server space!

I love this bike, and I feel like I've now come full-circle with my dream of owning another classic brand of motorcycle!

Looking forward to the forum, it's a change from my old HD Forums, but a welcome one, at that!

Take care all!

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Now you did it...

I just read the post on another section of the forum about Harley's financial woes, and now I'm feeling bad about purchasing another brand! Damn, Harley's are terrific bikes and run forever, they just need to do something to attract the younger crowd, and also make their new bikes more complete so you don't have to keep buying so many accessories (HD = Hundred Dollars) just to make it look complete. This is one of the reasons I made the switch to the Beemer, I was tired of spending an additional $6-10K just to make the bike my own. They need to put better pegs, handgrips, shift linkage, etc. on the bikes from the get-go. I feel like my new Beemer is ready to roll without any mods, save for adding panier liners and perhaps a GPS unit. I'm not sure about an aftermarket exhaust, do you have to dyno these bikes every time you change the pipes ala HD?

Let's all hope for the best for Harley. They're an iconic brand and build a terrific product, they don't leak oil like they used to, and they just keep on running!

Perhaps I need to run back to my local HD dealer and buy a second bike... Hmmmmmm.:usa
Greetings, All!

I'm the proud owner of a new 2009 R1200R, Midnight Black.
I'm coming from an F800ST, which I thought was a great bike, and will miss dearly.
But I wanted more - more power, boxer twin, shaft drive, telelever/paralever suspension, etc.

Looking forward to learning about the R1200R from you all.

From ZRX to LT to RT in one season

What a trip... I sold my beloved ZRX so that my wife and I could do some traveling in more comfort. A friend owned an LT and raved about it, so off to the dealer we went. Looked at the new 09 RT and decided it was a little too expensive for us at the time. The dealer showed us a 04 LT for a very reasonable price (should have known better). We scooped it up in anticipation of a great riding season and off we went.

After about two months of riding and complaining about a number of driveability issues the dealer reluctantly agreed to take it in for service. A month and a half later we start demanding our money returned... they didn't like this idea and swore up and down that they would fix the LT or find us a replacement. Due to the "aggressive pricing" of the LT originally they were completely unable to find us another one in the same price range. Calls and letters to BMW group Canada, threats of legal action, and daily phone calls finally convinced them to offer us a used RT at what they called "cost". We came to an agreement on the RT and they gave up trying to fix the LT and sold it to a wholesaler at auction.

So here we are and in some ways happier, not for the experience but for the final outcome.


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2009 r1200rt ABS circuit brake bleed

where can I find a DIY write up for the brake bleed on the ABS circuit?
has anyone done this?
I see the DIY for the calipers and front and rear main resovoirs, but no info.
on the the ABS circuit and controllers.
where can I find a DIY write up for the brake bleed on the ABS circuit?
has anyone done this?
I see the DIY for the calipers and front and rear main resovoirs, but no info.
on the the ABS circuit and controllers.

Hi beamermeup,
Ask questions like this in the Hexhead Forum area as a new question/thread.You'll get more responses
On the later model Hexheads, you no longer have to bleed the pump & individual circuits as one did with the servo assisted "whizzy " brakes. It is as simple as going from the resevoirs to the calipers.
Semper Fi has one for 07 and later here:
Hello - 05 RT

Hey All,

Just wanted to pop in a say hello to the Hex thread. I'm a new BMW convert coming over from the Japanese side as well. This is my first BMW and I've only put about 1000 miles on her but I've only had it for 2 weeks. This thing eats miles for breakfast :eat
...coming back toward the light!

After a year of severe seller's remorse because I sold my "08 GSA (w/only 20k) I will be buying a 2010 RT this weekend. I bought a Gold Wing in an effort to keep the wife as comfortable as possible but I just could not do it.

Any way the year hiatus has now given me a new motor to learn!
I just purchased a 2011 R1200R. After I sold my '07 R1200GS, I needed to replace the feeling of a BMW again. I reall like the new bike. I will add pictures soon.
Not quite there, but it's all in the works for next spring ( GSA )....M109R rider now and have to be happy with BMW demo days and my trips to Arizona were I always rent a GS. I am truely envious of you all but quite happy to read all the encouraging threads about how happy everyone is with their machines. :bikes
just saying hi!

Proud owner of a 2012 R1200r. I had a k100 back in the 90's, that was fun ride. Great forum seems to have a lot of traffic which i hope to have contribution!
Replaced the 98 R1100RT with a 2011 R1200RT...wow the difference. I just love the boxer look.

I did look at the competing bikes, while they were cheaper on the initial purchase when it came to maintaining their resale value BMW had it hands down. Maintenance expenses appeared to be about the same (dealer wise).

My HD friend just had a voltage regulator and rear tire replaced - $650. Wow

I do not believe I will ever consider owning a different brand.

New to the forum after staying cloaked for a while.

Man, what a noob am I...! I guess I fall into this group and didn't know it 'cause I just got my 1st BMW (2012 R1200R) on May 5. Why did I wait so long?


I bought a 2012 R1200RT about 2 months ago. I have been riding bikes of every flavor for the last 46 years (since age 8) but this is my first BMW. I can't believe I waited this long .... :clap
Hi all,
I guess I am a bit of a noob as I just acquired a new to me 08 GS, my first BMW. I have been an MOA member for a while now as I ride with a group of Beemer riders up here in BC. We kid each other back and forth as my main ride is a ST1300 Honda (love that bike). I went to the rally in Redmond with the idea I was going to ride the 800 GS as I had almost saved enough to buy one. I then promptly wrecked my ST 1100 (I loved that bike) at a STOC event. So replaced the ST with another ST and it has been until now that I finally had the coin to get the Beemer. Why the 1200 GS? Not sure, mainly an impulse buy as it was a reasonable price for a well farkled bike. I have never really liked my buddies 1200 RT when I have ridden it being a 4 cylinder guy, but the GS is a different animal, nimble, lots of scoot, runs out is fuel when the gauge shows full!! The ST might be gathering a bit of dust this summer.
Canoe BC
Back again

Bought a '78 R100S in '79 and sold it 2 years ago when I thought i was done with motorcycling. Always had a serious sport bike to go with it and sold that too. Wrong! So early this summer I bought a '05 R1200ST. Love it, but since I need both knees replaced it kind of raises hell with them. Good to be back on a Beemer.