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Post Your Trip Pictures

Visited the Nauvoo, IL historic district.
A little big to walk all of it in riding gear so it was nice to see they had free wagon tours.


Relaxing across the street from our hotel.

Grand Tetons


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The Gun Barrel restaurant in Jackson, Wy. next to the "Lodge" where we stayed two nights while exploring the Tetons.

My brother ordered the bison ribs. 4 ribs on the plate about 6" long. After cutting off the gristle and fat, it made two full meals. My bison steak was very good.


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Address is 470 Swinging Bridge Rd, Mountain View, AR 72560. Near the intersection of Arkansas 5 and 9 north of Mountain View.

If that address doesn't work I'll post the GPS Coord when we return home next week.
It's a short county road.