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Post a picture of your hexhead.


2011 RT up front. 2012 GSA in back. Tight quarters..
Two great looking bikes StLouRider!
I’m not too worried about older bikes. And these aren’t really all that old compared to what I see out there. Both are still relatively low miles. 19,000 on the RT when I got it last January, 30,000 on it now. Just 15,000 on the new to me GSA.
Battle damage from the trip to '07 GR3

GPS said turn here, as I turned I saw a very narrow gravel road. Still in the turn I stop short, put my right foot down in a very soft gravel shoulder grading away and slowly . . . I . . . went . . . over.





Delivery day, pristine but not for long! Great long ranger, so comfortable.

I think after your first lay down the bike( 1st time ) it is easier to ride. You’re not worried about some damage.as long as it’s just cosmetic.
Layed my new 2022 GSA 1250
. For some reason I am a more relaxed while riding now ?
I knew at some time it was going to happen.
Plus I ALWAYS wear full gear.