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Post a picture - OF YOUR DESKTOP!!!!



why do bikes get to have all the fun???

some might call this "boring", i call it "clean"


  • untitled.JPG
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Help an old man out dude

help me out Bubba. How do I save what my desktop looks like?
you can get a screen cap on a windows box by holding
down "control" and then pressing "print screen." (print
screen should be up on the top of the keyboard, near
the function keys...) (also, holding "alt" and hitting print
screen will give you just the active window....)

then open paint. start ---> accessories ---> paint.

then hit cntrl-V to paste the screen capture. it'll ask if
you want the bitmap enlarged. tell it, "hell yeah!" then
click file ----> save as and be sure to save it as a jpeg
to keep the file size reasonable.

bubba - you stole my background! ;)

oh, and just like with a photo, you can use irfan view
to *easily* resize the image as i did. :thumb


  • desk.jpg
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i'm considering using this one.

cliffy, whadya think?


  • desk2.jpg
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OK I'm not gonna do all that geeky crap so youse guys can see my perty lil' icons, but here's the picture I use:


  • BoxerSkull.jpg
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BubbaZanetti said:
why do bikes get to have all the fun???

some might call this "boring", i call it "clean"

Did the term Black Hole ever cross your mind????? Hmmmm, maybe not.


BTW I could show you mine but it's classified and I'd have to kill you. :doh
username said:
i'm considering using this one.

cliffy, whadya think?

ohmigod! (he squeeled) I can't believe it - that is the very same one I use.
Here goes mine

I changed it once I saw username had COPIED my really cool unicorn one.
MOM - username copied my unicorn desktop.....MOM!....MOM!


  • Desktop 10.4.jpg
    Desktop 10.4.jpg
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proud poppa desktop b/c someone had to post something that wasn't a windows machine.


  • Picture-1.jpg
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I change it often, this is what i have now. Den
Okay, let's see if this works. If there isn't a photo, it didn't!

This is from this year's Dinks rally in Pontiac, IL.


  • desktop jpg resized.jpg
    desktop jpg resized.jpg
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