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Post a pic of your S1000

Here's my 2016 S1000XR:


My one year anniversary is coming up for the XR, and no regrets. She's a goer!
2021 s1000xr

No picture because it is back at the dealer for the third time. BMW now want to replace the entire wiring harness with 300 miles on the clock. Trying to get them to buy it back

Latest update: BMW has agreed to buy back this one and I am waiting for the transfer agent to contact me to finish the transaction.

The big question now is it worth waiting another 3 months for an exact replacement. Do you think the riding and ownership of the S1000XR is worth the wait or should I move on in a different direction?

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2021 s1000 r

Drove down to Austin on Saturday and picked this up and trailered her back home to McKinney.
Waiting on Radiator/oil cooler guards so that I can start riding her. Too risky to ride her on the asphalt twisties in North Texas without them.

2016 Twisted Throttle Pikes Peak rides again.

My 2016 XR along with my son's CBR on a recent trip around the Driftless Area of WI.

We hit up Minduro Cut, Wildcat Mountain and countless other classic routes, and realized we've only scratched the surface!



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Hi All,

Just got a new (to me) 2020 BMW S1000XR. Really enjoying it!


The last 150,000 miles were on 2 Kawasaki Concours 14's. Still keeping her for longer-distance, two-up for sure.

I'm in South Florida... really noticing heat around my ankles. What is the fix? :)

Ride Safe!
Few years back on one of my east coast trips. Stopped to enjoy some scenery along Skyline Drive.


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