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Pictures - Bikes, Trips, Scenery, Life Moments

Golden Gardens, Seattle, WA


Here she is. I've only had her for 2 months, but come spring, we are going to be hitting the road!
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Here's my Bosom Buddy's RS last week. She rode it ~16 miles to a knitting gathering...

When she's not riding the world with her Captain, she pretty much does Her Own Thing... :bliss
We rode through 38 states last year on our CoddiWomple Quest - 20K miles. :thumb


Team-HSV departing MotoQuest HQ in Anchorage on 2Jul21 on our Iron Butt National Parks Gold Level Tour.

Happy Trails whenever U can - See y'all in Springfield, MO!!
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'16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L

* USN=Ret'd O5 & USAF=Ret'd O3 :beer
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My R1200RS

Picked up my 2018 R1200RS in Long Beach, riding it home to MN


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