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Looking for Montgomery area riders


Ride on!
Just wondering if there are any Montgomery area riders interested in a group get-together like the Huntsville and Birmingham riders do? Maybe meet for Saturday breakfast and then a ride. Or get together for just a ride. I'm also up for gear wrenching meet ups. I've enjoyed those in other clubs I was with. I'm not locked in to weekends (retired).
I'm going to the RA rally at the end of the month. Maybe we can meet up sometime in October. I'm a couple of hours from you. We should be able to find some roads that need riding. You know any other BMW riders in the area? Maybe a LA BMW riders group :rolleyes
Mike, you come down this way let me know, we’ll go riding. Samson, AL

Cell (334) 470-7770

Send me your contact data if I’m up that way I’ll give you a text.

Brian Hinton lives in Wetumpka, rides a lot in the Montgomery area too on a GS, I can give you his contact info as well.