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KGT Wheel Removal (2009)

Ensure proper thread engagement of the caliper bolts and torque to 30 Nm (22 ft-lbs)


  • 18 r calp 3.jpg
    18 r calp 3.jpg
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Prior to installing the fender back on you may want to check the threads as mine were slightly corroded.

I chased the threads with an M6 x1.0 Tap


  • 19 top mounting hole.jpg
    19 top mounting hole.jpg
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You need to pump the front brake lever to set the caliper pucks back position onto the discs for the brakes to work correctly

Shown below is the very first pump action - as you can see the brake lever is at its normal position


  • 25 brake pump 1.jpg
    25 brake pump 1.jpg
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Now the lever is pumped and reaches all the way to the bar.

That is why you do this in the garage and not on the road!!


  • 26 brake pump 2.jpg
    26 brake pump 2.jpg
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After a few pumps the pads are set in the front caliper and you will have proper lever action to safely activate the brakes.


  • 27 brake pump 3.jpg
    27 brake pump 3.jpg
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Rear Wheel Removal

Removal process:

  1. Remove Exhaust pipe cover guard
  2. Loosen Exhaust clamp
  3. Remove Exhaust Hanger Bolt
  4. Remove exhaust
  5. Remove Wheel

Starting with the Exhaust pipe cover guard use a T25 to remove


  • 01 - exhaust shield.jpg
    01 - exhaust shield.jpg
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There is a tongue and groove interface feature on the back side of the guard


  • 03 - shield clip 2.jpg
    03 - shield clip 2.jpg
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Loosen Exhaust clamp using a T45 torx


  • 04 - clamp.jpg
    04 - clamp.jpg
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After you have loosened the clamp you need to remove the Exhaust hanger bolt.

CAUTION - ensure you are supporting the exhaust as this is the last mechanical securing item


  • 05 muffler hanger.jpg
    05 muffler hanger.jpg
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SHOP TIP - After you remove the muffler you will have the exhaust system open - to prevent any foreign material to fall in you may want to stuff a rag to prevent such an occurrence.


  • rag.jpg
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Put the bike in gear and remove the wheel bolts using a T-50


  • 06 - wheel off.jpg
    06 - wheel off.jpg
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The replacement process for the rear wheel is as follows

  1. Install wheel onto rear hub
  2. Install Wheel Lugs and torque to spec
  3. Install muffler
  4. Mount hanger
  5. Tighten exhaust clamp
  6. Install exhaust cover shield

IMPORTANT NOTE - The Wheel bolts DO NOT get any lubricant or locking material applied to them, they go in dry, they come out dry


  • 07 dry bolt.jpg
    07 dry bolt.jpg
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Below shows the tire mounted onto the rear hub.

The wheel bolts have been put in, hand tight, ensuring the wheel is properly seated then torque as outlined.

The torquing sequence is a diagonal pattern shown below:

1 to 2

2 to 3

3 to 4

4 to 5

Tighten to 60Nm (44 ft-lbs)


  • Tighten sequence.jpg
    Tighten sequence.jpg
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The next step is mounting the muffler, it is a two step process.

The first mouting is the muffler onto the exhaust opening (Green arrow) and then swinging the muffler up onto the top mount location (Blue Arrow).


  • 02  muffler mount.jpg
    02 muffler mount.jpg
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Mount the muffler handing bolt hand tight as you need to ensure that the muffler is properly spaced to the rear wheel.


  • 03 hanger mount.jpg
    03 hanger mount.jpg
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Ensure that there is 10mm of spacing between the muffler and the rear wheel

Shop Tip - by having the muffler hanger and muffler clamp hand snug - you can position the muffler to be in the proper alignment before completely tightening.


  • Spacing.jpg
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Once the spacing is set tighten the muffler clamp to 35Nm (26 ft-lbs)

Then tighten the muffler hanger to 22Nm (16 ft-lbs)


  • 04 clamp tightening.jpg
    04 clamp tightening.jpg
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