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KGT Wheel Removal (2009)


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This DIY will cover removing and installing the Front and Rear Wheel Assembly on a 2009 KGT 1300.


  • T20 for the ABS Sensor Bolt
  • T30 for the Fender Mounting Bolts
  • T45 for the Caliper Bolts
  • 3/8" drive torquewrench
  • Front Axle Socket - I use a Marc Parnes tool*
  • 19mm wrench or socket to use on the Axle Socket tool
  • Front Wheel Stand - I use a PitBull Stand*

* Not affiliated with manufacturer just utilize their products
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Process Overview

  • Put the bike on centerstand
  • Remove front fender
  • Remove Calipers
  • Remove ABS Sensor
  • Remove Right Side (Throttle Pinch Bolt)
  • Loosen quick release axle
  • Lift front wheel with front stand
  • Remove axle
  • Remove Wheel Assembly
So let's start - put the bike on the centerstand.

Shop Tip - if you plan to take both tires off, and you plan to use a PitBull lift, you will want to remove the rear tire first.


  • 01 - centerstand.jpg
    01 - centerstand.jpg
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Using a T30 remove the indicated Fender Bolts (Throttle side)


  • 02 - fender r.jpg
    02 - fender r.jpg
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The pull straight out, the full fender comes off - set aside


  • 04 - pull forward.jpg
    04 - pull forward.jpg
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Unclip the ABS wire harness from the brake line. 2 locations


  • 06 - abs clips.jpg
    06 - abs clips.jpg
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To remove the caliper you need to spread the pads a little - this is easily done by twisting the caliper slowly as your are pulling it off.

As you pull back twist to push the pads apart a little.



  • 09 - grab and twist r.jpg
    09 - grab and twist r.jpg
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Caliper removed, now onto the other side

NOTE - I left the caliper hanging because I was only going to be away for one day as the tires where being swapped - if you want feel free to support the caliper if so desired


  • 10 - r caliper completely off.jpg
    10 - r caliper completely off.jpg
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Using a T45 remove the other 2 Caliper mounting bolts


  • 11 - left caliper off.jpg
    11 - left caliper off.jpg
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Using the same twisting technique start removing the clutch side caliper


  • 12 - grab and twist 2.jpg
    12 - grab and twist 2.jpg
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Calipers are now removed, next is the ABS Sensor


  • 13 - left caliper completely off.jpg
    13 - left caliper completely off.jpg
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Using a T20 torx remove the ABS Mounting bolt


  • 14 - ABS Bolt off.jpg
    14 - ABS Bolt off.jpg
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Once the bolt is removed you can pull out the ABS Sensor


  • 15 - abs sensor out 1.jpg
    15 - abs sensor out 1.jpg
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This image shows the sensor fully removed.

It is important to note its position when you are lifting the front end to avoid pinching or damaging the wire/sensor.


  • 16 - abs sensor out 2.jpg
    16 - abs sensor out 2.jpg
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Please note that the way the PitBull lift supports the bike it impeeds access to the pinch bolt you need to remove.

So prior to lifting the bike I loosened the pinch bolt and loosened the quick release axle and then lifted the bike.

Getting ready to place the bike lift under the fork legs.


  • 17 -  pitbull prep postion.jpg
    17 - pitbull prep postion.jpg
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