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KGT Air Cleaner Replacement


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  • Remove Throttle Side Panel
  • Unbolt bike computer
  • Pull out locking pins on air box
  • Remove snorkle assembly with air filter
  • Remove and replace air filter
  • Insert air filter into snorkle
  • Install Snorkle and filter onto bike
  • Install bike computer
  • Install Throttle Side Panel
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Take side panel off - to do so you need to remove the following T-25 bolts

3 in the glove compartment

1 on the inside by the tank

3 along the bottom of the panel

4 along the inside egde of the panel

Shown below are the three for the glove compartment


  • 01 - glove box off.jpg
    01 - glove box off.jpg
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This is the bolt by the tank - it is also the longest one at 50mm


  • 02 - side long.jpg
    02 - side long.jpg
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These are the lower three panel screws.

Please note that #1 is 16mm; #2 is 20mm;#3 is 16mm


  • 03 - lower 3.jpg
    03 - lower 3.jpg
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There are 4 inside screws

Should below is the top one - which is 16 mm


  • 04 - inside top.jpg
    04 - inside top.jpg
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The final bottom one is 20 mm

In all the 4 screws (in order (top to bottom) are 16, 20, 20, 20mm


  • 06 - inside bottom.jpg
    06 - inside bottom.jpg
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With all the bolts removed you can now remove the panel.

Note that there is a pin on the outer panel that mates onto the side


  • 07 - pin connection.jpg
    07 - pin connection.jpg
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With the panel off, we need to access the air snorkle, this is done by first removing the computer mounted on the side

The bolts are identified with the green arrows, the one in at the 9 o'clock position is behind a wire harness


  • 08 - computer bolts.jpg
    08 - computer bolts.jpg
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With the bolts removed you can pull off the computer from the rubber mount on the left


  • 10 - pull off guide.jpg
    10 - pull off guide.jpg
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Pull the computer off and let rest off to the side


  • 11 - computer removed.jpg
    11 - computer removed.jpg
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Now you have complete access to the air snorkle which when removed allows you full access to the air filter.

To remove the snorkle you need to unclip (in 2 places) the air box section and then pull off the snorkle from its pinned attachment


  • 12 retention clips.jpg
    12 retention clips.jpg
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Shown below is detailed the bottom clip unlocked but not removed


  • 13 clip released.jpg
    13 clip released.jpg
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Clip detail - here is the clip removed.

The green arrow is pointing to where you should press to unlock the pin to remove


  • 15 - clip detail.jpg
    15 - clip detail.jpg
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With the airbox clips removed - grab snorkle as shown with right hand, grab airbox area with left and pull straight out towards you.

There will be some slight resistance as the snorkle section has a pin and grommet fit and the airbox guides are a tongue and groove set up.


  • 16 - pull on snorkel.jpg
    16 - pull on snorkel.jpg
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Shown is the detail of the pin and grommet connection


  • 17 snorkle nipple detail.jpg
    17 snorkle nipple detail.jpg
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