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K75 rekeying seat lock?


New member
I'm swapping bits and pieces to convert my low seat to a high seat. Will I (or a dealer or locksmith) be able to rekey the high seat lock, or do I need to order a new one? I'm assuming I will not have a key to it, just the lock ass'y. Looks like the lock is either $50 or $60 depending on if I get it coded or not (I assume coded means ordered to fit my ignition key, and not means with a 2nd key? Perhaps the 2nd key version could then be rekeyed since I'd have a key for it?)
A good locksmith can rekey the cylinder you have.

FWIW, for my 92, my locksmith uses a B69K blank, which is for a 37-40 Mercedes.
I'm pretty sure that you will need the new cylinder. I needed one when I went from a low to high seat. The shims can be removed and inserted into the new high seat lock cylinder.