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Help! R27 Wiring in the Headlight

I am new to the forum. Thanks to all my predecessors for having so much information! This is my first vintage BMW. The wiring was a mess and mostly disconnected. I've installed a new main wiring harness but I'm struggling to identify the correct poles on the wiring terminal located within the headlight bucket to hook my harness wires. Of course, my terminal board has the numbers somewhat near the poles and I have two wiring diagrams. But the board's numbers and the wiring diagrams seem to be different.

Does anyone have a color picture showing how the wires are connected?

A picture or diagram that has a picture of the board and labels (perhaps with arrows pointing to the poles with the labeled numbers) would be incredible! Thank you in advance!
Welcome to the forum and the world of vintage BMWs! Can you provide pictures of your board and also of the wires you are trying to attach? Where did you get the wiring harness?

This is probably difficult to work with but it should be accurate:


You can also try this page:


The Vintage BMW Motorcycle club has amassed a lot of documents. Choose R27 from the model list and see if there are other resources to help.
Wow! Lots of wires and connectors there! Anyway, here's my read from a diagram I have. Take it with a grain of salt and be sure where the wires terminate to on the bike.