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F650gs coolant in oil


New member
My 2001 f650gs overheated due to a radiator leak,
and now there’s coolant in the oil. Any thoughts or ideas
on how to fix this? Head gasket? Cracked head?
Most of the time a pump-up test of the radiator is in order. Barring having the real kit, pump sorta looks like a sports ball pump, I have drilled a hole in a (spare) radiator cap any used low pressure to check and listen (gurgling) for the air leakage and where it’s coming from.

All that said, chances are it’s a head gasket especially if the bike had been run hot at one time. Most repairs are going to require some disassembly. Some changes in coolant (anti-freeze) actually helped degrade the head gasket over time.
Let us know how you make out.
Good luck.