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Luggage Suggestions F650GS (thumper)


New member
Looking at suggestions for luggage for my recently acquired 2001 F650GS. Bike is well kept (thought I am going to do the damn expensive fuel filer as it seems to run a touch funny and I am betting at 43k miles it's that). But I would not mind fitting some small lockable hardbags for city/ day riding... Trying to avoid soft bags but also not trying to spend the value of the bike on some bags... Any suggestions?

Also this seat concepts low seat has to go... the big hump drives me mad....

Happy Trails makes good side cases for a reasonable price, but they still are not cheap. Given that the thumpers have not been made for quite awhile, you may have trouble finding new cases in stock. Try looking for used cases for sale on BMW forums and eBay.
I've been running these for 6 years.
Very happy with them.

Then pick your bags.

Well local connections come through. Scored a set of oem vario cases from the G650GS for cheap. Now I think I will spluge for luggage crash bars because a break of one of those would be a $400+replacement
It look like you have found a great solution, with the case and added protection. I had the same cases for a few year without the protection and after several drops on the Idaho BRD and other forest service roads replace them with Happy Trails which were great but caused more that one bruise on the backs of my legs, but never showed any damage and protected their contents. I shifted to soft cases when I replace this bike with a 2019 F850GSA from Mosko Moto.
Screenshot 2024-03-14 090758.jpg
Yea I wanted the bike for errands in the city and my short commute at times so the locking bags were what I wanted. The metal ones would be nice but I would be paying $1k for bags for a $2k bike... the math was not adding up... those luggage guards are $200 way less than new bags lol.