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Camping photos

2000 on a California trip.
My map showed the campground was on the shore of a lake.
Turns out the lake stores snow melt in the spring and the water was used up by the time we were there in September.
Looks like it was California. Looking at dates on the pictures we were in Sequoia NP the same day and Death Valley two days later.
2000 Cal Trip_0038.jpg
Chasing lighthouses 2007.
Jus sayin, I got tired of sleeping on the ground after retirement. Now I pull a Timeout Camper with the Beast. We bought the camper to take us to Alaska in 2018 and then bought the GT to pull it. More lately, Covid struck so those plans were adjusted. We abandoned the Glamper at JBLM in Tacoma, and flew to Alaska in July instead for our 49th state on MotoQuest GS real bikes. Nevertheless, we've enjoyed our travels to MOA rallies in TN & MT with Missouri to follow und we camped near Acadia NP in Sept... Cheers from Team-HSV!

Camper set-up in a KOA in Corvallis, OR in July.

Camper being towed through southern Oregon, after the wildfires had wrecked havoc!

Happy Trails whenever you're free to travel - Ciao!
HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
USN-Ret'd —-&-— USAF-Ret'd

'09 650GS-twin — '14 K-GT
'82 R100CS ——— '75 R90S
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