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Ran Bush
Bought a '94 R100RT awhile ago, and it had the OEM side stand on it. I had a spare "Brown" style side stand on the shelf in the shop, don't remember where I got it. Installed the "Brown" and the RT sits much differently than the '83 R100RS that I ride with a _real_ Brown side stand (I bought one direct from Brown back when they were in business). Also on the RT, the "Brown" doesn't come up close to the muffler like the real Brown does, and it interferes with deploying the center stand. You'll notice that the spring on the "Brown" is much shorter than the spring on the real Brown.

I could get a grinder and remove material at the back of the pivot pin so that the "Brown" would come up tighter to the muffler, and weld up the front so that it would not lean at such an extreme angle, but I don't know if it's worth that much work.

Does anyone recognize this "Brown" type of side stand, or know who sells/sold them? Maybe it's not meant for an R100?

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On my R100 RS I put on a Browns stand and you have to put it down to get at the centre stand.
I just bought a Farley side stand for my 93 RT at BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids and is shown on their web store. The Farley is made in West Mi. The mono lever mounts and is made different than the twin shock. The clamp fastens to the frame instead of exhaust pipe and comes with a longer stud. I am still in the process of installing and do not know lean angle, or how the center stand will work in conjunction. I have a Farley on my /5 and it works very well.


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Some years back I purchased one of the "Brown-like" side stands for use on my 77 R100RS. The Brown-like side stand uses the clamp securing the header to the muffler as part of its support. I have custom made stainless steel headers and mufflers and the Brown-like side stand caused more flexing of the header / muffler than I liked. I removed the Brown-like side stand and it resides in a box, somewhere.