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Alps Passes and other roads...

After 27 years of touring Europe, the Alps & Corsica, I sold my BMW R1150 GSA in Europe last Monday. I'll be riding locally from now on.

Its been fun, as much fun in year 27 as it was in year 1. Now I'll be heading over, taking the train and bus where I don't have to worry about traffic and can have a beer while looking at the scenery. I might even rent a Porsche Turbo S just so that I can see 300+ kph once in my life.

Glad I did all this on my own as I got to drive passes and roads not on any tour oganizers list.


One of the ~240 different passes I have driven over the years, and many of them countless times...
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I hope that some of the routes I shared with you encourage you to spread your wings and explore North America, Alex. There's much to see here.
How-bout that! All the photos of scenery & roads look similar to North America's Continental Divide region... and West Virginia!