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Almost back on 3 wheels!


Curmudgeon At Large
Some life changes a few years back resulted in selling my K12RS/Hannigan rig.
Never quite got over that!
Last week these two snuck onto my trailer (on seperate days)!
'04 R1150RTP and a motorvation Formula2 Hack.
Subframe and other items on the way!
This is the 'Meet & Greet' before the 'Coupling'! ;)
DMC Subframe arived, purchased used from another rider. Plastic & tank off today.
Started laying out the subframe parts, trying to decipher DMC's cryptic "instructions", which the P.O. had included with the subframe.
These are little more than a parts list with some poor pictures of the pieces installed.
Fortunately Bill (P.O.) had included some very helpful tags on each piece that helped me visualize the positioning and attachment points.
Everything pointed to removing the centerstand, and I called Bill to confirm. He also gave me a few pointers on how the parts fit together. :thumb:thumb
As of right now the bike is sitting on it's wheels, suspended from the roof trusses with a jack under the sump. Off to one side, I can use the straps to hold the bike as I attach the sidecar.
Tommorrow I'll remove the centerstand and start installing the subframe pieces.