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2018 Uni-Go Trailer Review


New member
For many years now I have considered buying a “Pull-behind” trailer for my various touring motorcycles. This has become a reality with my purchase of a 2018 Uni-Go Touring Motorcycle Trailer www.unigotrailers.com

In September I purchased a 2018 BMW K1600GTL motorcycle. Soon after this purchase my wife and set out on a 9 day trip through California and Nevada. It was during this trip that we realized that if we wanted to camp as well as carry more clothing and other comfort items we would need more space, and it was indeed time to get a pull-behind trailer.

We ended up choosing the Uni-Go Touring Motorcycle Trailer after researching multiple brands. We wanted a trailer that had good pulling characteristics, had good looks, would carry our camping and touring needs and not break the bank in the process. We eventually chose Uni-Go because we can detach the trailer from the bike and bring it with us into our hotel room, rather than having to find somewhere to lock it up. The Uni-Go has a maximum weight of 180 lbs. A handle on the front to help with hand moving, when not connected to the motorcycle. This makes it possible to bring it inside with you wherever you are staying.

With our decision made, I contacted Uni-Go to ask a couple questions prior to ordering online. I was concerned with the time it would take to build my trailer as well as a couple of additional items I was thinking of adding to my order. I was told build time would be 6 weeks.
I ordered the Uni-Go Touring model. I had it color-matched to my K1600GTL (Light White) with the wheels and tow bar powder coated black to match the black trim on the GTL.

I then researched motorcycle trailer hitches to mount to my BMW K1600GTL. I decided on the Bushtec hitch due to its solid reputation as well as its construction, www.bushtec.com . The hitch took a day to install and was fairly straight forward. I did find some of the instructions and photographs confusing, but after research online I found another K1600GTL owner whose photographs and build suggestions were very helpful in filling the holes in the Bushtec instructions. This trailer hitch is solid and well hidden behind the rear mudflap of the motorcycle. Two vertical support bars are visible, one on each side of the mudflap that disappear behind the upper part of the rear motorcycle assembly. A detachable hitch receiver comes out from under the mudflap, and when in use does not get in the way of any part of the motorcycle. I did have the Uni-Go hitch adaptor welded to the receiver to avoid any sway or vibration that had been reported on motorcycles that simply bolted on the Uni-Go adaptor.

After waiting the 6 weeks for my Uni-Go to be built I contacted Uni-Go as to the status of my build and shipping time. I spoke to Bob Montgomery. I was told that they were preparing my trailer to go to paint. I requested that they ship me the “Bike side” of the wiring harness which they did. They also included an Isolator harness which is needed for the Can-Bus electrical system of the BMW. This was a bonus and saved me time and money. After a couple more weeks passed I again called and was told that my trailer was indeed in the paint shop and should be finished soon and final assembly would take just a few days and it would ship. This cycle of phone calls and excuses continued for another 4 weeks (12 weeks total build time). At this point my patience had begun to falter and a planned trip loomed in the near future. With one final phone call I was told they were almost complete and would ship it right out. I received the trailer within a week.

Upon initial inspection of the Uni-Go trailer upon delivery, we discovered a couple cosmetic issues that frankly surprised both my wife and I. These items should have been found during a quality control inspection prior to shipping. One of the 10 Hex head bolts that are used to hold two hinges from the body to the lockable lid was replace by a Phillips head bolt. It looked completely out of place. The other issue was that the finished edge around the lid of the trailer was not sanded properly prior to being painted. It was rough and had a couple jagged areas that needed to be addressed. Other than those two issues, the trailer was beautiful. The color match was exact. The powder coating was very well done.

After communicating with Bob, and then Skip at Uni-Go, they agreed to send me a replacement Hex head bolt to replace the Phillips head bolt. As far as the lid problem, their fix was to send a piece of black trim to go over the edge of the lid to cover the imperfections. They were eager to fix any issues. I received the replacement parts in 5 days from the time I reported the issue.

I told them I would be writing and article about my experience and I asked them to please reply as to the reason for such a long delay in the build time and they are going to get back with me with a reply.

I received a reply from Skip at Uni-Go which informed me they are working to bring more of its parts build in house and less outsourcing to help speed up production time. Their goal is to make a one-week turn around time from order to shipping.

Overall, I am pleased with my choice of the Uni-Go Touring Motorcycle trailer. They do have some work to be done in the areas of customer service and build times; however, It is a solid, good looking trailer that pulls easily. It turns with the bike smoothly. You actually forget it is even behind you. You do have to think out parking places a little more carefully as you would with any trailer, but with that in mind you should have no trouble.

Ron Brock

I just sold my 2004 Uni-go trailer last week. I bought it used from a former BMW rider who went to a trike due to his age. I pulled it with a Goldwing & a Victory Vision for about 5,000 miles both one up and two up. You are going to love the way it pulls. The only caution is when hitting a good sized bump in a curve for the 1st time might cause a heart flutter.

I got a few looks when I put it on a luggage carrier at the motel and rolled it into the room. It made a great suitcase.