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AL 2nd Sat Ride-2-Eat to HOUSTON, AL


P&K will lead the BMW MOAL July Second Saturday Ride-2-Eat to Chef Troy’s Talk of the Town Restaurant on the 9th. The HSV contingent will depart the Blue Plate Cafe after the usual Vintage Bikers’ breakfast ~0830 to rendezvous at the Murphy’s Gas Station along S Memorial Pkwy for a non-Ethanol & expensive fill-up. I plan to depart southwards across the Tenn River NLT 0900 along secondary roads; planning to arrive in Houston, in the Bankhead Forest, ~1115. See my attached Garmin gpx file. Any bikers or drivers across the Southeast United States are free to plan their own scenic jaunt from personal Zip-codes to Chef Troy’s. [ N34° 08.495' W87° 15.485’ ]

Be safe & be seen out there; have a Fun Fourth of July holiday weekend!

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
USN-Ret'd —-&-— USAF-Ret’d

'09 650GS-twin — '14 K-GT
'82 R100CS ——— '75 R90S
'16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L
’09 CRF230L —-— ’10 KLX250S

Garmin Data:
View attachment JULY-22-R2E-Houston.GPX

OVERVIEW of our route south from Huntsville:
View attachment Ride-2-Houston.pdf
Y’all missed a respectable opportunity for Lunch today. But there was a chance of rain.... :eek

Had five intrepid bikers show up for lunch in Houston [AL]! Had a handful more one year ago in March of 2021...

Y’all gotta do what U gotta do I s’pose... :brow Be well and keep the rubber side down on your ADVentures.

Tres riders rode from HSV to Houston. Jim (in the center) first rode from B’Ham to HSV to absorb the Full Monty of the R2E!

Five BMW bikers showed up for Chow as caught by our waitress.

The group then rode south a few miles to investigate a future club rendezvous location on Smith Lake: [the Lakeshore Lodge].

>>>> www.lakeshoreinnandmarina.com <<<<

The Marina will likely be a future rendezvous for the AlaBeemers; Lodging, restaurant, and camping available beside Lewis Smith Lake.

Seems to be a perfect destination for all of Alabama in the coming months. Picnic tables behind individual lodge rooms...

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
USN-Ret'd —--&-— USAF-Ret’d

'09 650GS-twin —- '14 K-GT
'82 R100CS —-—— '75 R90S
’08 CRF230L —--— ’09 KLX250S
'16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L