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    Accident scene

    I came upon an accident today between 2 cages about 5 seconds after it happened. Essentially a big sport ute cut off an Asian sub compact coming out of Home Depot. The ute won the argument. In the Asian car, the airbags deployed and the front -the former front end-was crunched to windshield with radiator fluid and other fluids all over the road. There was an electrical burning smell.

    I took the Accident Scene management class at the West bend Rally, and about two years ago I completed a land rescue course via the Red Cross. The driver of the Asian car, a nursing student, was complaining of knee and neck paid. Two other people were there, both RN's, and they assessed her quickly. She managed to stand up, point at the other driver, and yell "You b***H! You cut me off. You didn't even see me. You didn't even look". She was really p****d. At that point Milwaukee Fire and Rescue arrived, and I think she will do OK.

    I left. But it left me thinking," had she been riding a motorcycle..."

    So what is the takeaway? Ride so they see you.
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