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Windshield/Nose/Headlight Trim Removal KGT1300


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This pictorial shows how to remove the front plastic portions off of a KGT 1300.

This is not required to do any maintenance.

The reason for it's creation was that I wanted to install my XM antenna out of the way, similar to the how I had it on the RT.

This will show how to:

- Remove the windshield

- Remove the windshield supports

- Remove the upper and lower front cover

- Remove the rear portion of the front plastic

- Remove the front portion of the front plastic.

Please note that some preliminary plastic pieces need to be removed to be able to remove the full front plastics.

Please refer to the KGT 1300 Plastic Removal Link and review removing the side plastic section.
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I used a 1/4" drive ratchet and various length extentions with the following specific sockets:

  • T20
  • T25

I used a 3/8" drive ratchet and a 6"extention with the following specific socket:
  • T30

#1 Phillips Screwdriver
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Windshield Section

Remove the following 6 T-25 screws.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you remove the last screw ensure you are supporting the windshield.


  • Windshield Screws.jpg
    Windshield Screws.jpg
    105.9 KB · Views: 549
Pull off metal support bracket - it just pulls up as shown


  • Support Bracket.jpg
    Support Bracket.jpg
    104.2 KB · Views: 547
Removing Windshield Supports

If you have the windshield parked in it's lowest position - raise it up a bit.

This facilitates removal.

Remove the indicated pins with retaining clips.


- The top pins have different retaining pins from the bottom ones
- They are easy to lose, I put them back into their retaining groove


  • Support Pins to Remove.jpg
    Support Pins to Remove.jpg
    103.1 KB · Views: 543
Pin Details below - with retaining clips installed.

Please note the design difference of the clip for the top versus the bottom pin.


  • Pin Details.jpg
    Pin Details.jpg
    97.4 KB · Views: 540
Removal of Top Air Flow Screen

Using a T-25 Torx remove the two BLACK screws retaining the Top Air Flow cover

After you remove the screws there are some retaining clips that need to be disengaged so don't yank the cover off.


  • Upper Windsheild Cover.jpg
    Upper Windsheild Cover.jpg
    66.1 KB · Views: 540
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Clip detail for top air flow cover


  • Upper Windsheild Cover Engagement Detail.jpg
    Upper Windsheild Cover Engagement Detail.jpg
    73.5 KB · Views: 540
Remove 4 T-25 Torx screws that retain the lower windshield cover and be mindful of top engagement feature with that of the headlight cover plastic


  • Lower Winshield Cover.jpg
    Lower Winshield Cover.jpg
    124.4 KB · Views: 541
Engagement detail of the headlight cover plastic (one on each side, throttle side shown)


  • Lower Windsheild Cover Engagement Detail.jpg
    Lower Windsheild Cover Engagement Detail.jpg
    70.4 KB · Views: 540
IP Cover Removal

Using a T-20 remove the 2 bolts securing the Instrument Panel Cover.

Note - There is a latch on each side of the IP Cover that needs to be pull down to completely remove the cover


  • IP Screws.jpg
    IP Screws.jpg
    107.4 KB · Views: 542
IP Cover Latch detail - to fully release you need to pull down slightly on each and then pull out the cover.


  • IP Detail.jpg
    IP Detail.jpg
    64.2 KB · Views: 542
Remove the rear front plastic

Using a T-25 remove the 2 screws shown below - Throttle Side


  • Main Inner Front Panel 2.jpg
    Main Inner Front Panel 2.jpg
    111.2 KB · Views: 545
Using a T-25 remove the 2 screws shown below - Clutch Side


  • Main Inner Front Panel.jpg
    Main Inner Front Panel.jpg
    84.9 KB · Views: 541
Remving the Headlight Trim

Rotate mirrors up to access screws


  • Mirrors Folded.jpg
    Mirrors Folded.jpg
    111.1 KB · Views: 364
Remove the turn signals - note you will need to disconnect electrical connection.

Use #1 Philips


  • Turn Signal Screw.jpg
    Turn Signal Screw.jpg
    102.2 KB · Views: 363
Pull of turn signal and disconnect electrical connection - repeat for other side.


  • Turn Signal Connection.jpg
    Turn Signal Connection.jpg
    59.4 KB · Views: 365
Headlight Trim

At this point the only thing left is 6 T-25 torx holding the headlight trim on.

4 up front one is in the turn signal area the other by the windshield

2 behind the oil cooler opening

2 on each side - NOTE - Remove these last and support the headlight plastic on the last one


The 2 by the Turn Signal and Windshield area - Shown is Throttle side


  • Front Left.jpg
    Front Left.jpg
    101.3 KB · Views: 365