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What is your current screen saver?


You stupid, fix it!
Here's Mine, My bike is near the guy standing on the street heading towards the castle, on the lower Right side of the photo..


  • RA rally, Ashville,NC-1.jpg
    RA rally, Ashville,NC-1.jpg
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I'll assume you mean wallpaper

Mine at work is my wife Annie celebrating the completion of our ride to Montana last summer. Not bad for someone who rode a motorcycle for the first time less than two months before the trip. :dance


  • Annie at Delta.jpg
    Annie at Delta.jpg
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This is a public forum...I can't show my wallpaper...:whistle

Now my screen saver is another thing. I have an image of my /7 that floats around the screen and bumps against the edges. When it hits the sides, it flips around and heads back across the screen. Unfortunately, the left side of the bike is always showing, but from what I can tell, it's essentially the same, right?? :thumb
This is February's wallpaper. On the weekend, I'll go through pictures from my trips to find one for March.


  • USA 2007 018 copy.jpg
    USA 2007 018 copy.jpg
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Home PC silver 1150GSA (will be the classic ADV bike of all time) BMW corporate photo shoot on a dry salt lake. Bike only

Office PC X Challenge, BMW corporate photoshoot rider standing up and roosting.

Laptop 1200GSA (white, the fast one) BMW corporate photoshoot rider/water crossing.

Blackberry Storm large BMW Roundel on black background.

Sony PSP BMW corporate photoshoot Boxer Cup Replika (2005 RWB last year of production) Bike only.

Dang I need a life :cry
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What can I say? Look pretty good for an aging Jedi.

Luke was the Jedi... :whistle


Harrison was Hans...

This young lady is one traveling canine.

Milou, who is best friends with Hubert, the Timeless Rider, http://www.thetimelessride.com/index.htm , is pictured on the coast of California complements of the photographer (written in French) on the right hand border. I have a hard enough time with my own language let alone hack up French.

Milou looks like a friend I had a few years ago but had to put down because of old age. This image helps me keep his memory alive. I hope Hubert and the photographer don't mind I use Milou for a wall paper and screen saver. If they do, I'll hear it.

I met Milou in NY when Hubert was tightening up his side car in a parking lot on the Taconic Parkway. I was heading to the Rhinebeck Aerodrome and the local rally. I wasn't sure which exit I needed to take but here was Hubert and Milou and Hubert's friends all on bikes so I stopped and asked for directions. They pointed me in the right direction and off I went.

I didn't realize who I had just met until I saw Hubert's bike again at the rally and realized I had spoken to "royalty". Milou was running around meeting everyone and at times frantically trying to keep tabs on Hubert. I have some personal shots off Hubert and Milou playing in the grass at the rally. I remember walking past Hubert's "tent" the next morning and seeing Milou's head sticking out of the sleeping bag watching the early morning "goings on" as people walked past. I guess Hubert either didn't use a tent or prefers to sleep in the open.

I have been keeping up with Hubert's travels on his website. He is heading into Mongolia soon. Meanwhile, being too chilly for puppy dogs, Milou is state-side, I believe, and staying warm, awaiting patiently for her best friend to come home. Good luck Hubert! Keep the shiny side up and enjoy. There is a young lady waiting for you to come home.
I do a great deal of color work so I prefer to not have the distraction of colors.
I use a neutral gray and occasionally change the "weight" of that.


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Here is my work wallpaper

KI Sawyer AFB circa 1985-1986 F106 from the 87 Fighter wing.


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