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Truck/Trailer parking needed in NE, WY, SD western IA or ND for rally


Keeping my options open, and one of them (for the first time ever) would be to trailer my sidecar rig from Vermont across the midwest and Great Plains. Barley, my registered service dog and loyal sidecar adventure dog, has lymphoma and will be finishing up his chemo just ten days before the rally. I did not intend to attend the rally this year because of his fight with cancer, but with him in full remission and telling me in every way he possibly can that he wants to be on the road, not coddled at home, plans have changed. Live to ride, ride to live seems to be his motto.

Cancer and the treatment for it have taken a bit out of him and so as much as I'd love to ride all the way, I feel it would be easier on him to ride in an air conditioned cab most of the way. I'm looking for a safe place to park the truck and trailer while we sidecar from Badlands thru the Black Hills, Big Horns, across the Big Horn Basin to Cody then up and over Beartooth to the rally. If he's up to it we might loop in Yellowstone as well.

Ideally we would find a place to leave the tow in western Nebraska (Chadron area) or western South Dakota (Rapid City area), but pretty much anywhere west of the Missouri or thereabouts would get us close enough that if I had to get my dog back home we could reach the truck in a day.

Please PM me if you can help or know of someone who can.