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Tail bag suggestions for a G310GS

Looking for suggestions for a tail bag for a G310GS. Thanks.

I bolted an inexpensive box to the luggage rack.


I don't suggest you use it for carrying your pistols around in it (as shown).

I have two sizes but ended up leaving the larger of the two on. Ends up carrying a lot of little things. Takes less than 10 minutes to take it off but I think it is there to stay. You can see it in the photo in my avatar.

When the bike is on its center stand the flat surface of the box is a great place to place your tools for whatever you are doing or to leave your cell phone on when you ride away :)

Wayne Koppa
Grayling, MI
Mosko Moto 30L Duffle/Backpack, 22L Stinger, or 8L stinger, but only if you want a bag as tough as your G310GS. I have all three of those, but I use the 22L Stinger as part of their R80 system more than anything else...

At home...
Start from Home.jpg

In the wild...
G310GS in Wild Flower Valley.jpg
For a soft tail bag, can’t beat the Rhinowalk brand via Amazon. 10L/20L/30L sizes.

The Rhinowalk 20l bag looks suspiciously familiar to a 20l Kriega bag, which are very often recommended.

I've never had any Kriega bags, because I went the SW Motech route for the bags on my Street Triple. The SW Motech bags great quality, but quite spendy and most of them need their rack system to attach. I had my reasons for choosing them, but wouldn't recommend if you're looking for a simple strap on tail bag.