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Shock replacement on K1300GT


Are we there yet?
Looks like I finally blew the shocks on my bike. I'm thinking about replacing the ESA with EPM's Hyperpro shocks vs Wilber's. The set is about $600 cheaper. Any good or bad comments regarding Hyperpro? I'm not keeping the ESA.
I have the HyperPro shocks on my K1300GT. In my case I retained the ESA, but be aware that doing so involves some specific instructions that must be followed when removing the OEM shocks.

Klaus at EPM was great to work with, and I’m due to send in my shocks for a refresh. He worked with me on a return and settings change until things were good- the shocks were a big improvement over OEM.

I do still find the front end harsh, but it was that way from day one and is built into the design of that bike’s front end. Also, I recommend doing one shock at a time as they are a PITA to remove on this bike and doing so requires a special stand to support the bike with shocks removed.