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R1100RT shock options


I just purchased a 96 R1100RT with over 100K. It has what looks to be the original shocks. I ride solo and don't tour . I am 165 lbs wet. Thinking about replacing the shocks. I looked at my options on Ted Porters site and probably would be fine with the YSS Z series at about $900 for the set. There are also some used Wilbers racing on ebay for about $700 for the set. New they are about $2000 and are rebuildable. Wilbers also asys the OEM shocks are rebuildable , though BMW says they are not. thoughts?
While the stockers are rebuildable, you'd now have older stock-type shocks, which were marginal at best - that's one of the places where most manufacturers "cheap out", fully expecting them to be changed later on anyway.
Decent shocks are not cheap, but the improvement in the ride - after you get them set up properly - is quite significant. If you really plan on keeping this a while, keep looking around.
Hopefully you have the old service records - at >100K, there are some things that need lookin' after...
I have heard nothing but good things about Ted Porter and his Beemershop -- he will select the right springs for you and your machine if you order through him.
I've also heard good things about those YSS shocks.

Aftermarket suspension is so very worth the money on these machines. Night and day difference in comfort and handling. I'm a cheapskate so I got a set of used Works Performance shocks and rebuilt them myself but the difference was still huge compared to the old OEM ones.
I contacted Ted Porter and with their help, replaced the original suspension on my 120k, ‘00 R1100RS. A world of difference and money well spent. Ted set up the suspension according to my input and I haven’t had to change a thing. They come highly recommended from me.