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Seat Concepts for F750GS???


New member
Recently bought a used 2020 750gs. great bike. So far so good on handling our extremely rough Illinois two lanes. I was between the BMW 750 and the triumph Tiger 700. I chose the BMW because there are more seat options.

The bike came with a low seat, hard as a rock. I bought a used comfort seat, it is better, but still has me pushed forward. I ordered a sergeant seat because you can return them for a refund. The seat arrived in 2 days. Unfortunately they installed the latch clip backward, so I sent it back for a refund, not because of the latch, because it was harder than the low stock seat.

I know the common consensus about firm vs soft, is firm is better on long trips, but I ride shorter distances on rough roads.

I'd like to find a seat where the foam provides some shock absorption.

Anyone try the Seat Concepts cover and foam kit.
I had one on my F650 single and F800GS twin, both were better than stock, but not comfortable enough for the long (500+ mile) days that I regularly ride. The 650 received an Airhawk over top the Seat Concepts and that worked well. The F800 received a Russell Day Long seat instead - that works amazingly well. I'd try an Airhawk first if that's something you're willing to do.
Hard F750GS seat

My stock seat is a killer. I put an Air Flow Seat Cover on and it makes a huge difference…..for $79.00