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Schuberth Customer Service



Has anyone ever had to contact Schuberth for any kind of customer service issue? I've sent 4 or 5 emails to various contact links from Schuberths website and their distributing company in North America with no response. Any ideas? I've purchased 4 face shields for my helmet with no problems however on the one I'm using now the coating is peeling off of the inside plastic and I wanted to find out if they would replace it.

I had the same problem and my dealer replaced mine under warranty. Did you buy your helmut from a dealer?

Schuberth is imported into the US by Fairchild Sports, I think they are UK based. Their US office is in Tustin CA. They also import Held gloves and some brand of boots.

This company was formally known as Intersports Fashions West before being bought by fairchild. IFW was the Hein Gericke & FirstGear Designer and MFG for many many years.

After the purchase they shed some very good people, but I know for a fact there are still some very good people there,

Call them, they will help you 1 800 416 8255
My dealer went out of business, so I've been trying to get in touch with Fairchild and or intersport via email.. All emails have gone unanswered but they were not rejected..
Thanks for the 800#. I'll give that a try.
They do answer the phone.

As I write this, I'm on phone with Warranty guy (Isaac), who's sending me a clear shield. :) My dealer said that Shubert has 3-yr warranty.

While I was on phone, I asked what can I put on the shield so that rain droplets don't stay while riding in rain. He said it's okay to use "Rain-X" on the shield with a soft cloth.

While I have never used Rain-X on the face shield, but I have on the car, it does leave a film. Has anybody encountered any side-effects/problems with using Rain-X on face shield? :dunno

I have never use Rain-X on my face shield but I have used it on my tires. Works almost as good as Snow-X and Sand-X. All three are better than Wife-X.