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Regional Road Food!

Mpls Star Tribune Taste Section 6/28/18 - Duluth, MN Places to Eat

16 restaurants that should be on everyone's Duluth dining itineraries

A & Dubs

An honest-to-goodness drive-in (a former A & W, which explains the name), carhops and all. Burgers, hot dogs, deep-fried delights, soft-serve ice cream and fabulous, vanilla-laced housemade root beer, all at family-friendly prices.
3131 W. 3rd St., Duluth, 1-218-624-0198

At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe

Home of Duluth’s most irresistible pancakes. At lunch and dinner, chef Jillian Forte takes a global approach (paella, bibimbap, Thai-style tofu curry), and baker Diane Bailey fills her counter with memorable pies and other temptations.
1902 E. 8th St., Duluth, 1-218-724-6811, astccc.net

Burrito Union

The house specialty is served in two sizes (both enormous) and prices (both affordable). The menu also features other traditional Tex-Mex fare, great beer (from Fitger’s) and an inexpensive weekend brunch.
1332 E. 4th St., Duluth, 1-218-728-4414, burritounion.com

Canal Park Brewing Co.

This contemporary brewpub has a great-looking setting — including what is arguably the city’s most pleasant patio — a long list of house-brewed ales, chipper service and an even longer roster of crowd-pleasing, beer-friendly fare.
300 Canal Park Dr., Duluth, 1-218-464-4790, canalparkbrewery.com

Duluth’s Best Bread

Co-owner Michael Lillegard is a superb baker, turning out admirable croissants and pain au chocolat and cinnamon rolls and an impressive twist on the Pop-Tart. The utilitarian shop keeps limited hours (6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday through Saturday). Starting July 7, Lillegard and brother/business partner Robert Lillegard will launch a Friday-through-Sunday breakfast pop-up (7:30 to 11 a.m.) at Canal Park’s historic Endion Station (200 Lake Place Dr., Duluth), serving baked goods, coffee drinks and savory items, including a ham-bacon quiche.
2632 W. 3rd St., Duluth, duluthsbestbread.com.

Fitger’s Brewhouse

The 23-year-old brewpub that arguably launched the city’s craft beer obsession continues to focus on the small-batch ales and lagers that forged its reputation. The beer-battered onion rings and wild rice veggie burgers are as tasty as ever.
600 E. Superior St., Duluth, 1-218-279-2739, fitgersbrewhouse.com

Great Lakes Candy Kitchen

Hit the shoreline-hugging highway out of Duluth for the scenery, and this sweet-tooth gem. The caramel apples — and the chocolate-dipped Nutty Ice Cream Bars, finished with roasted peanuts and toasted coconut — are worth the trip.
223 Scenic Dr., Knife River, Minn., 1-218-834-2121, greatlakescandy.com

Hoops Brewing Co.

Longtime Fitger’s Brewhouse brewer Dave Hoops has become his own boss, building a beauty of a brewery in a historic, timber-lined industrial warehouse (an infinitely better use than the previous tenant, a chain steakhouse). The taproom’s copper-topped bar is an ideal showcase for Hoops’ meticulously brewed ales, creamy porters and refreshing pilsners.
325 S. Lake Av., Duluth, 1-218-606-1666, hoopsbrewing.com

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

A reason to dine in Canal Park, this charmer emphasizes creative, vibrant cooking at lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. The bar showcases Midwestern spirits. Happy hour (3 to 6 p.m. weekdays) is full of delicious $13-and-under options.
394 S. Lake Av., Duluth, 1-218-722-2355, lakeaveduluth.com

Pizza Lucé

The pizza — and weekend brunch — is the same as the Twin Cities Lucé locations. Ditto the (rare, for Duluth) late-night hours, which run to 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 2:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday.
11 E. Superior St., Duluth, 1-218-727-7400, pizzaluce.com

PortLand Malt Shoppe

Housed in a 1921 gas station, this may be the most adorable walk-up scoop shop in the land, serving cones, sundaes, malts, shakes and floats. Conveniently located next to a Lakewalk staircase.
716 E. Superior St., portlandmaltshoppe.com

Positively 3rd Street Bakery

This funky Hillside landmark has been making people happy for 35 years (including those following vegan and gluten-free diets), with a tempting selection of breads, granola, cookies, bars and muffins. Ice cream sandwiches are a must.
1202 E. 3rd St., Duluth, 1-218-724-8619, 3rdstbakery.com

Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse

A 110-year-old North Shore tradition, and the place to pack the cooler with pickled herring, sugar-cured smoked lake trout and smoked whitefish.
149 Scenic Dr., Knife River, Minn., 1-218-834-5995

Va Bene Berarducci’s Caffe

Yes, the screen porch is a terrific gaze-at-the-lake perch. But owners Mary Kay and Jim Berarducci run a pleasing, pasta- and panini-focused kitchen and stock their gelato case with a dozen housemade flavors.
734 E. Superior St., Duluth, 1-218-722-1518, vabenecaffe.com

Whole Foods Co-op

Anyone looking to picnic in the Zenith City would do well to consider the stores’ well-stocked delis and cheese cases as one-stop picnic-basket destinations. Dessert is a no-brainer: output from that classic North Shore pie maker, the Rustic Inn Cafe in Castle Danger, Minn.
610 E. 4th St. and 4426 Grand Av., Duluth, 1-218-728-0884, wholefoods.coop. Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Zeitgeist Cafe

Downtown’s continuing renaissance owes a debt to this arts complex, which includes this stylish and lively restaurant and bar, serving lunch, dinner and a terrific weekend brunch.
222 E. Superior St., Duluth, 1-218-722-9100, zeitgeistarts.com
This place is located in SW Wisconsin's Driftless Area, a part of the Midwest that escaped glaciation and its scouring effect. As a result, some of the best riding in the U.S. is in these parts: lightly traveled blacktop roads that wind through deep valleys and over ridges left untouched by the geological forces that made much of the Midwest as flat as a pancake.

Mike and 179212,
:wave Next time you're in the area, shoot me a line and we'll go riding the area and I can possibly show you guys some great roads and cool places to eat.. North of Prairie Du Chien is a supper club called Spring Lake Inn.. Excellent Saturday night Prime Rib!! And if you're just riding through, The Swing Inn in Ferryville has great sandwiches and breakfasts!! And if you are looking for a place to toss a tent, we have 5 acres that sits 500' above the river. And if you're more in the mood for a motel I recommend https://www.grandview-motel.com/
Supper Clubs

Thanks will look for Spring Lake Inn, I assume they have fish specials on Friday :) love that area of Wisconsin my wife and I go up to Bayfield, Washburn and Ashland Wisconsin area often ( to eat Lake Superior Whitefish in as many ways and as often as we can ) and we try to stay as far away from I55, I39 and the Interstate hell east of Madison as we can so we usually hit the Mississippi about the time we hit Wisconsin.

Just looked at motel link it looks great also!
Excellent Friday night fish, and a most excellent brandy ol’ Fashioned sweet.

Actually pretty much all the bars along the river serve some great food. Another of our favorites is The Great River Roadhouse, towards DeSoto.

We love searching for those hidden jems.
Have to Get Back

Last time in your area stopped at Potosi Brewing took the tour got the tickets for 2 tap beers my wife and I drank our beers purchased a case of root beer ( very good ) and went on our way.


As you can see we have to go back because they did not take our free beer tickets, Potosi only 300 miles from our house.:beer
I used to occasionally wander to Lacrosse for a free beer at the Ols Style brewery from the Beloit area. Seemed like a good reason to ride. :thumb
Monarch Public House, Fountain City Wisconsin.

Friendly owner, good food and beer.

Irish Bar Fountain City, Wi (1).jpg

Irish Bar Fountain City, Wi (2).jpg

Irish Bar (1).JPG
This place is a must if you stay at Wawa Ontario.
It's a few miles south of town.
It takes awhile for the cooks to prepare your meals but it's worth the wait.
Wawa Canada (1).JPG

The White Fang motel across the road is a good place to stay.
Wawa Canada (4).JPG

Wawa Canada (2).JPG