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R18 First Edition


New member
Looking to move up from my R1100R to the Big Boxer. I was hoping I could get a little input on the option of picking up a used bike vs a new one as the depreciation seems to be pretty steep.
Were there any issues I should be aware of when looking at the First Edition? There's a really nice '21 R18 Classic near me with really low miles at a great price.

Thank you
Yes, used is less expensive than new. Though if financing bmw is offering zero or next to zero on them now days I believe. A Classic is a sweet setup though, like the base R18, it has limited rear suspension travel. The R18B and TC models have normal, full rear shock travel. Also, check to see any used bike you buy has Cruise control. Not all of them do nor can it be added to the earlier build R18 bikes since they used an older wiring hardiness that is not setup to allow Cruise to be added after the fact. Plus it cost an arm and a leg to add it after works to the later build R18s I am thinking. If you buy used get one that has had the first service done already, that too will save you some $.

Sorry, this forum is sort of deal when it comes to post about the R18 bike line.

As you probably know, they recently came out with a R18 Roctane which adds taller handle bars, better stock seat (the stock seat on the base R18 most hate a lot), plus the Roctane uses a different headlight shell to look ‘old school’. It also comes stock with hard side bags that, I think, do not come with the bag speaker lid inserts. That gives you a drop more storage space though indeed the bags are small to begin with volume size.

Check out the r18forums.com they have lots of detailed R18 info plus a used bike section. As you move up the trim line on the R18 bikes you increase weight and of course cost. Those that own the R18 want to move up to the R18B many times. If you have a long distance bike you will be keeping you might be happy with just an R18 or R18 Classic (probably more bang for the buck). The Classic has a fatter front tire vs the base R18 which some prefer as it softens the bumps a bit though maybe the narrow R18 base tire tracks better (I honestly could not say, doubt a major difference tire wise more so looks wise).

Owners, that kept them, seem to love the bikes. On the R18B though they want to add some sort of lower wind protection and maybe a taller screen. Owners I am thinking love the R18B and more so TC for long distance riding vs around town. Maybe the R18B a drop more for around town since now trunk and maybe they like that cleaner bagger look.

I own a 21 R18FE, put very few miles on it as it is at my brothers place a few hours away. I do though have a goldwing tour dct airbag bike. I feel the base R18 has a lot of weight when making slow turns. The R18B and TC more so due to the weight of the front fairing (and trunk on TC). ACC and those TFT screens are very nice on the fairing models though; you can get them with ACC I am thinking though not on the base model I am thinking.
Good luck in your search though for certain demo ride the hell out of the R18 models if you have a dealer near you before buying new/used.
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