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Post a picture of your R18

Obligatory dealership delivery photo. 850CB7EF-4427-40CA-99C8-713B2F425018.jpg

And of course now tucked into garage after playing Tetris to fit 2 vehicles, 2 motorcycles and all the junk that accumulates in a garage after 20 years

Just picked her last Friday. I love the ride. A much different and more comfortable ride than my previous 2016 K1600GT.


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Here is my R18 Classic I got in mid December. In this shot I’d just removed the saddlebags. I like this bike can be converted to a base R18 rather quickly. Windshield is staying on for the winter riding, but likely comes off in the summer to get some more airflow.
Bagged and Cooled

Corbin Saddlebags and a LMC Oil Cooler.


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ready for Americade 2022 in Lake George NY next week

2022 R18 Transcontinental First Edition