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Plastic Cover Removal on a 2009 KGT 1300

As stated earlier you will need to store the removed plastic while working on the bike.

I stored mine where I usually store the bike lift - it is out of the way and enough room to not crowd the parts


  • Side and Top Plastic Removed.jpg
    Side and Top Plastic Removed.jpg
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Bottom Skirt Plastic

To remove the bottom skirts you do not need to remove the two side panels - however you do have to remove the 3 screws on the bottom of each of the side panels, and then one from the frame.

The picture shows the screw to be removed from the left side - the same screw is removed for the right side panel, in addition to the 3 from its mating side panel.


  • Remove this screw.jpg
    Remove this screw.jpg
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Then remove the 2 bottom T-25's (12mm long) and then you can remove these panel(s)


  • Bottom Skirt Together.jpg
    Bottom Skirt Together.jpg
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Assembly Help

What you have just reviewed was the documentation of my first time removing the plastic on a KGT.

It was not a big deal - the most important part is keeping track of where the various size screws go - luckily they are all the same type!!

However one thing noticed is that the parts fit into each other - there are a lot of instances of this and I showed the major ones.

Shown in the next few images are those that you should be aware of to facilitate the reassembly process.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - if you are FORCING anything STOP - the bike is very well designed and if the piece is in the right place it will drop right in.
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Bottom Skirt Fitment

Shown is an incorrectly mounted bottom skirt

As you can see the support tang should have been inside the notch to provide support as designed.

Please note that it is possible to be assembled in this manner and the large side plastic will be bolted onto it - this leaves the middle of the bottom skirt flapping in the breeze so to speak.


  • Incorrectly Mounted.jpg
    Incorrectly Mounted.jpg
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Correctly mounted bottom skirt - here you can see the tang inserted correctly - green highlight is showing the hole alignment to the nut is properly in line


  • Correctly Mounted.jpg
    Correctly Mounted.jpg
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Side Foams

Behind the large side panels are supporting foam.

You can see these pieces when you are on the bike.

When you take off the panel they usually fall off.

They only go on in one positioon - unfortunately I had a little bit of trouble finding the right spot quickly - was a good laugh on me.

Shown below is where the Left Side foam should be placed for assembly.


  • Left Side Foam.jpg
    Left Side Foam.jpg
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This completes the general plastic removal for maintenance.

All comments and feedback is welcome - please pm me with them.